Wednesday, May 05, 2010

day 2 of Women's Conference

For our second day of Women's Conference, we decided to sleep in. The opening session was about family history, and we just were not as committed to that as we were to Sister Beck, so...

I must say, it was glorious to sleep until I woke up naturally (8:20). That never happens!

Self-portrait as we left Jill's house (I still had wet hair).

Kristi had gotten a deal on a rental car ($14 a day!) so she was our designated driver. It was a switch, because Jill normally drives. Me and my short legs are content to sit in the back.

I usually take a self-portrait with my W.C. tag, but Jill had to take this one because my T. Rex arms are too short to reach with my big heavy camera.

It was so cold that Kristi had to borrow some gloves from Jill. We have such unpredictable spring weather, you just never know what you're going to get.

We were a bit late to the second class due to our leisurely morning, but we still enjoyed hearing the new Primary presidency speak. My favorite part was this video where they interviewed Primary children, it was incredibly sweet.

teary self-portrait

I enjoy taking pictures of other people taking pictures.

After that class, it was already time for lunch!

We walked past the art museum and saw this installation. We had to go investigate the flaming mustache, because as Jill said, "there might not be a later." It is called "self-portrait." I sure would like to see the artist!

While the flaming mustache was interesting, this is really more my style.

We picked up Collette from her office in the Wilk so we could all eat lunch together.

Bree came to meet us for lunch as well, even though she couldn't attend the conference on Friday. We loved getting to know her. And while waiting in line for our food, we ran into Lisa P. and Kelly! I love meeting blog friends.

We had to get mint brownies. Sadly, these ones were slightly disappointing.

Amy M. arrived to present her class! Adam and the whole Maher clan were in attendance, as well as friends and members of her ward. We had a whole cheering section.

She was very poised and did a great job. She didn't seem nervous at all! The other speakers in her class were wonderful as well.

At this point, we hit the BYU bookstore, as we hadn't made it there yet. We all bought t-shirts for our kids and candy at the candy counter (I love that place). I bought dark chocolate orange sticks (Kristi and I love them) and double-dipped chocolate malt balls (we all love them).

Although we had planned to go to the final session of the conference, we were all feeling emotionally drained and exhausted, so we decided to cut out early.

As we were walking, a shuttle driver stopped, picked us up, and delivered us to our car! Such service. We didn't even realize until we sat down in the shuttle how truly exhausted we were. At that point it seemed ridiculous that we thought we were going to walk all the way down to the stadium.

Because of our early departure, we managed to get ahead of all of the traffic, which is always substantial. We went for our traditional dinner at Training Table so Kristi could use the phone to order.

Burgers and cheese fries. I wasn't hungry when we got there, but we stayed and talked so long that it was no problem.

We talked about the fact that we will all turn 40 next year, the horrors! (I forgot to tell Kristi to switch hands.)

cheese fries remains

I wish I could remember what prompted Jill to make this face. Perhaps it was just weariness.

On the way home, we stopped at Sonic to get a bag of ice. Doesn't Jill look happy?

And at JCW's to get milkshakes (another thing on Kristi's to-do list).

Somewhere along the way, we saw this newspaper headline. It cracked me up that we live in the dullest place in America. (Really? Duller than Wyoming?) It reminded me of when Denise called us "low-level recreators." I guess we really do not need much to have a good time.

When we got back to Jill's house, we had a little photo session so that Jill could take a new picture for Kristi's new blog header. Kristi had a vision and had bought these pink grapefruit balls at the candy counter.

Jill had received a good mail package from Linda that day, containing these cute notebooks and pens for all of us! Even though we didn't have them with us at Women's Conference, we loved them and we going to use them to plan out our goals based on what we learned this year.

Kristi's husband says that this will be the start of her new year, and we liked the sound of that. So we are all going to make some goals and resolutions that we will revisit next year when we are all together again.

Jill went to bed at a decent hour to try to go to sleep before she missed her window, and Kristi and I stayed up late making a new blog banner. It was so fun to have this collaborative project to do together!


patsy said...

I love this post!

wow-- so much good stuff here, I don't know what to even say--- except- ya- I like it!! ALL

Natasha said...

I love the necklace you are wearing in these pictures. I cam't believe how much you 3 covered in a day!

Jill said...

It's always interesting for me to see the differences in our posts when we're writing about the same thing, they're always the same, but different in a good way.

jenn said...

Kate has used that quote before- it is a good one.

Definitely a successful 3rd Annual Women's Conference Weekend! I'm envious of your newly found motivation and spiritual high but am glad you are sharing on your blog!

crystal said...

I love that photo of the blossoms with the statue in the background. Lovely!

"T-Rex arms?" Oh my goodness, I burst out with a honk-laugh on that one.

Kristi's banner looks AMAZING. You have mucho talent.

Denise said...

I love Kristi's new banner and blog design! You have the knack, girl.

I'm hoping that I can find a rebroadcast or a transcript of Sister Beck's talk after reading all about it from you and Jill. Sounds amazing.

Bugg's mama said...

Don't you love having curly hair, Michelle? I do! Yours is so beautiful.

Your pictures are great. You did a super job with Kristi's banner. I love living in the dullest place in America, apparently. I really need to try JCWs and Training Table. I've never been to either and you guys go there every year.

I want to be just like you 3 when I'm 39 - fun & giddy & YOUNG & pretty.

Love, Bree

Claudissima said...

wow this sounds like soo much fun. How fun to get together with friends and no kids for a weekend...they are memorable.

Charity said...

Hi Michelle,

I've been following You and Jill and Kristi for a while now, but never commented...I think your amazing with what you can do with a blog and wish you would post a tutorial. I'm so tech illiterate I still can't figure out how to do 12 for 12 even though I've been taking pictures for months...

So...a tutorial for blog headers please?

Charity (Jen's friend from Alaska...)

rebekah said...

That flaming moustache...? What?

It's a credit to your primping gene that I don't think I have ever, ever seen a picture of your hair wet before. You are a women to look up to!

Kristi seems like an insane amount of fun, like someone who instantly ratchets the energy up as soon as she enters the room.

You guys don't even look close to 40, none of you have 'mom' hair!

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