Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Creative Friday

Jill brought Ashley again last Friday, and Eva was so excited she could hardly stand it. She sat by the window watching for them for the last half hour before their arrival. They both wanted to get in on our self-portrait.

Some of Eva's squishy dinosaurs made an appearance at the table. (The colorful ones are from Whitney, with the blue one M.I.A.) I swear, everyone that touches those dinos wants them!

Jill was stamping a monogram on the cutest little composition she made for a giveaway. It brought back fond memories of the times gone by when we stamped all the time.

Eva and Ashley did sidewalk chalk for awhile, including tracing Ashley and coloring her in. Holy moly, chalk dust!

Jenn joined us after lunch because she had to attend a school program. Although Jenn was a visitor to Creative Friday, she got the sticker while helping at her kids' school. (We don't have stickers. Yet.) Her son Ethan joined right in with the girls and they all played well together, woot!

We had to have another self-portrait with Jenn.

This skirt that Jenn's sister made for her is killing me with its cuteness!! I want that fabric so much. I checked JoAnn's online, and they are sold out. If anyone has access to that fabric, I would gladly pay you to get some for me!

Jenn did some stamping as well. She stamped her brain box cards. She said that if she made the cards pretty, she would feel better about doing her chores. Jill and I exchanged a glance that said we had nothing but scorn for our cards at that point.

I didn't have anything good for lunch (quesadillas), but at least I had Ultimate Fudge Cake (a.k.a. Giant Ding Dong Cake) left over from book club the night before! That cake is vying with German Chocolate to be my favorite.

Ashley, Eva, and Ethan spent a lot of time on the trampoline. Hooray for not-too-hot days!

I had a bag of Cadbury eggs that I had bought before Easter and saved until after my candy fast was over. Jenn brought raspberries, her signature offering. I would be in good shape if raspberries were my go-to treat.

Ethan wanted a picture of him with Jack before they left. He may be the first visitor ever that has actually liked Jack!

Jill doing her semi-fake crying that amuses me so. The girls played so well together that we hardly saw them all day – we never thought that day would come!

Our combined output for the day – not too shabby!


emily said...

I love that quote! I also love the pic of Eva and the chalk dust, especially since she has to hold her hair out of the way. The battle against the dust seems lost already, though. That sounds like a pretty nice Creative Friday!

Barb said...

What would I give for a 'visitor' sticker at Creative Friday!

Claudissima said...

oHHH Jill's expression is funny...love the spt it looks darling. good stash of mail! And I think this is one of Eva's favorite photo.....soooo pink!

Jill said...

The thought of having "Visitor" stickers for Creative Friday guests is too funny.

Esther said...

Michelle did you post the recipe for that delicious chocolate? Or did I miss that post..this would be a delightful dessert some up coming parties...of course if you are willing to part with the recipe. It's mouth watering!!!!!

Michelle said...

I must have my picture taken with Jack the next time I am there!

I love how Eva holds her hair out of her face - like she's parting the curtains.

How great to have a perfect weather day for creative Friday.

I am already fashioning my visitor sticker....will I have to stay behind the velvet ropes?

patsy said...

that CAKE!!! oh my it looks sooo good- mmm

I love when kids play so well together, it's the BEST

hooray for Jenn coming over- I will check my JoAnns for that fabric.

Melinda said...

I have got to try to make that cake! Every time I see it I want some.

THat material is so cute. I hope you find it.

Yea for girls playing well together. That is always a blessed thing!

jenn said...

I had a great time visiting Creative Friday. I'm sorry about the phone calls, that my cards made you sick and that my skirt killed you! As much fun as I had, apparently I was not a very nice guest.

Can I redeem myself by saying again how AMAZING your photo books are?!!! And how needed it was to visit with you! Thanks for letting me come!

Bugg's mama said...

I love that you gals get together for Creative Fridays. That is such a sweet tradition.

Eva's party looks so special. I remember when you made that awesome banner a couple years ago! I loved it then and I love it now. I wish I knew how to sew. That's why I am in love with scrapbook paper. Some stuff I can get away with not sewing!

Love, Bree

rebekah said...

Jenn's outfit and the ding dong cake are both giving me heart pangs. Mamma!

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