Saturday, April 17, 2010

potential problems

I was gone for part of the kids' Spring break, but I felt like I had to take them to do something fun, so we went to Nickel City – an arcade where all the games take nickels. (It sounds cheap, but we still managed to blow through $25 in seemingly no time.)

Potential problem #1:

I discovered something rather unsavory about myself. Apparently I could very easily turn into a gambler, if I allowed myself to go down that road.

Thankfully, I didn't start playing this game until my nickels were nearly gone, because when I ran out, I was pawing through my purse to see if I had any more!

And for what? These stupid tickets! Why are these tickets so intoxicating?!

What do those stupid tickets get you? Ridiculous, cheap trinkets. Good grief.

I'm just thankful that my church advises against gambling. (I've never even been tempted. Who knew Nickel City could be my undoing??)

Potential problem #2:

I went out in the car with Eva the other day to do an errand. I drove out to the main intersection near our house, where there was a green light. As I got to the intersection, my mind went completely blank. I could not remember where I was going. At all. I didn't know if I should go straight or turn right.

I panicked for about 3 seconds. Then something clicked and I remembered I was going to Costco. Disaster averted.

I'm too young to be having senior moments! (Aren't I?!)


patsy said...

I've never been to nickel city--- but it sounds kind of fun- except for the ticket prizes. I feel like I have a world of this kind of junk around the house at all times- no matter how hard I try to get rid of it!!

YOU ARE- too young for a senior moment- it must have been a busy mom moment :)

Jill said...

I think your propensity for gambling is endearingly funny. Hopefully your once or twice a year trips to Nickel City will keep you in line.

I feel your panic about your senior moment, but love that you called me right away and left a message about it. It cracked me up all morning.

jt said...

I love Lucas' picture with his bling and his fake mustaches...I want you to leave me distraught senior moment messages too :)

jt said...

Oh, and I have a dormant gambling problem as well.

jenn said...

Chuck E. Cheese has the same stupid tickets with the same stupid prizes and it is what makes me loathe going! I can deal with the giant mouse walking around hugging kids, the pizza that tastes like cardboard, the goofy songs coming from the stage... but the tickets, oh the tickets. I hate them.

I am cracking up over Nickel City being your undoing- funny Michelle.

The forgetting isn't so bad, it's the panic that accompanied it that is alarming. I hate that feeling and hope you do not have another moment like that any time soon.

Natasha said...

I don't like archades at all but I have never heard of a nickel one. Senior moments in the car-- I have had those too.

crystal said...

That sounds like more of a motherhood moment.

Denise said...

I am laughing about your gambling problem as I envision you madly scrounging for more nickels in your purse.

I'm quite relieved to hear that I'm not the only one who has momentary total-mind-blank-out!

rebekah said...

I hate games of chance when it comes to my money, but I l-o-v-e Chucky Cheese type games like ski ball and that whack-a-hampster game. I love winning, and I love getting those long ropes of tickets.

amyfm said...

Some of those crazy games can be addicting and it's funny because the toys you win are the lamest and so not worth it. Funny to think of you rummaging through your bag for more.

I've done that before in the car. In fact today I started driving to target before taking Megan to dance (she was suppose to go to dance first). While on the freeway Megan finally said, "mom where are we going?" I had no idea.

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