Friday, April 16, 2010

a few for Friday

1. I'm super excited about the photo book I made with a free Picaboo book deal a couple of weeks ago. I got this idea towards the end of our stay in Paris, and after we got home I gradually started sorting all my photos by color. These are some of my favorite colorful photos, and I am thrilled with the way it turned out. You can see some (not very good) pictures of the book here.

2. T. Rexes being attacked by raptors. Who will be victorious?

3. Another photo from my trip to Denver. I got to the airport at 4:30 a.m. and the Southwest counter doesn't open until 5:00. Their check-in machines were all shut down and the counter was completely abandoned. It just felt wrong that I was there that early. But it was definitely a new experience to beat airport employees to their jobs.

Also, another couple of quotables from the trip: Emily mentioned that she had tried racquetball recently and Claire said, "You have hand-eye coordination?!" Yep. It's the holy grail in our family.

And my personal favorite: right after Grandma died, Denise leaned over her with tears in her eyes and said, "Haunt me with menu ideas, okay?" Me too, Grandma.

4. I've been dabbling in making flowers. I sent these pins/barrettes to my mom for her birthday, with a disclaimer about them perhaps being handmade in a bad way. I think I'm on the right track with some, but others may still need work.

5. Lucas had a day-long Ellis Island activity at school this week. Each child was assigned the identity of an immigrant, and as they went through different stations, they had to do their best to remain in character and try not to get deported. Lucas thought it was a great day.

He was supposed to be an orthodox rabbi, but we couldn't find anything to approximate forelocks, so we just did our best without them. I had given him a scarf to represent a prayer shawl, but he forgot it. Still, just looking at him sent Eva and I into a fit of giggles.

6. Max went to the French Fair at BYU yesterday. He won the Grand Prize for grammar. Marc was running the cabaret, so he only saw him briefly, but a colleague informed him of Max's prize. When Max got home from school, I congratulated him and he looked completely mystified by my insider's knowledge. Bwahaha! Mothers know all.

Bonus: Track 2. Another Eva original.


Miranda said...

Gah! That photo book is amazing. I want one for my coffee table. Also, I want a coffee table.

And those flowers...I'm smitten.

Denise said...

Your book is amazing. I can't wait to see it (and the others) for myself when I'm there next week!

Funny about the French fair at BYU. I was talking with Emily yesterday and she was venting about all these irritating high school kids who were over-running the campus with their over-enthusiastic ways, crowding the Wilk and the bookstore, etc. Had she known Max was among them, perhaps she would have had more tolerance!

That picture of Lucas totally cracks me up! He looks Amish or Jewish. That sounds like a fun day for the kids.

Hello. The flowers you made for your mom are anything BUT homemade! They're as cute (and some cuter) than the ones I bought at H&M in Philadelphia!

I'll have to wait to listen to Eva's bonus track, as--for some reason unknown to me--the speakers are not currently hooked up to my computer.

charlotte said...

1. Lucas's costume is hilarious.

2. I saw your mom wearing one of the flowers on the funeral weekend and asked her where she bought it. She'll corroborate my question.

3. I can't wait to see your book! (My blurb book *finally* shipped today.)

4. Eva is well on her way to American Idol–hood.

Michelle said...


I can't stop giggling about the hand-eye coordination comment. It will keep me happy all day.

Eva needs a record deal.

I'm glad Max now realizes your great super powers.

Can I be you when I grow up?

Melinda said...

Those flowers are so cute! You did a really great job with them!

judiroso said...

That book is FAN.TAS.TIC, what a great idea to organize photos by color...I am totally going to steal that idea one day!

jenn said...

LOVE the flowers. Each time I think I've picked a favorite, I jump to another one.

As a teacher, I loved those kinds of activities at school. As a mom- I hate them. Glad he had a good time. The costuming requirement might have put me over the edge.

Congrats to Max. Though I sympathize with Emily about the days when campus gets run over by overly enthusiastic high schoolers.

Anonymous said...

Those flowers are oh-so-right. And you say you don't have hand/eye coordination. Pshaw.

"Lucas Goldstein" (hee hee) is HILARIOUS!

Can I have Eva??? Please???

Anonymous said...

And. Mothers DO know all! My mom used to say to me, when I was the mystified shenanigan-doing child, "I have my sources."


crystal said...

Dangit! The above 2 comments are FROM ME, CRYSTAL.

My son Max was evidently signed in on my computer. Grrr.

Claudissima said...

Brilliant the book. how fun to dress up...soo original in a way he is. the certificate is a great accomplishment...tres bien. Eva is soo cute, love your polka dots. And those flowers look beautiful. !!!

jt said...

Love it all. Lucas is so cute. Timm asked if Eva really made up the song herself- we're quite impressed.

Natasha said...

The flower pins-- love them!

The costume-- clever!

Your kids always seem to be involved in many fun things!

rebekah said...

Your wonderful projects always break my heart. They are too good!

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