Tuesday, March 02, 2010

short visit

We ended up having a short but satisfying visit with my parents last weekend. They were only here for two days, but we managed to fit in a lot during those two days.

Sadly, I don't have photos of much of it...

On Friday, we picked up Charlotte & Emily and went to Diego's Taco Shop for lunch. We don't know if they had a new chef or what, but it was pretty disappointing. Think a tortilla filled with salt. So, too bad about the food, but the company was good. (Oh, I almost forgot, the nachos were really good!)

Then Mom and I went to go help dress my grandmother's body for burial. That was a first for both of us, and we felt slightly apprehensive, but we both agreed that it wasn't bad at all. More like a tender service, the last that you can perform for your loved one.

While we were gone, Eva roped my dad into playing Cooties, robots, and who knows what else. I wish I had pictures of that.

Then we dashed over to BYU's little paleontology museum to see the new dinosaur discovery that was announced last week. We got there half an hour before it closed, but they stayed open a few minutes longer for us.

It's pretty cool to be able to peek in and see what the paleontologists are working on. One of the employees was in the museum section and answered some of our questions. Eva wanted to know if anyone who works there rides a motorcycle. (The answer is yes, one employee has one, and it is pink. Eva was thrilled.)

She told us that she has been working on cleaning and restoring a dinosaur skull for over a year now, and has only finished a fraction of it.

I really didn't know that a Triceratops head was this big!

I had to have my dad stand by this palm frond to show the scale. Unbelievable.

Yikes, creepy teeth.

More creepy teeth.

Mom and Eva spent quite a bit of time drawing and coloring. Eva was most impressed with Grandma's drawing skills!

She also got a mani/pedi. Good times.

On Saturday, after the funeral, my parents proposed taking the kids to Borders to pick out a new book and then to get ice cream. We all set off, but for unknown reasons, Eva was whining about the whole expedition. Yes, whining about picking out a new book and eating ice cream. I know. I was about ready to throttle her. Completely mystified, I turned around and took her home. (In retrospect, I wish I had just ignored her and taken her along, as there is absolutely no doubt she would have had a good time. Also, the next day it became obvious that she had a sinus infection, so that explains it. A little. Darn parental hindsight.)

Max & Lucas enjoyed choosing a new book. Lucas was debating between several, but eventually used the page count to guide him towards his final decision (he chose the longest one).

We went to the mall to go to Cold Stone, but first we hit the Verizon store to upgrade my 5-year-old "Model T" phone. Now I have all new technology: a camera, mobile email, unlimited texting, and a pull-out keyboard! It's a whole new world.

We saw this girl working at a mall kiosk. We stopped to ask her where she got her cute flower clips. Answer: she made them, and is planning to start selling them. Covet. Covet. I've got to learn to make these things.

The kids were excited to not only get Cold Stone, but also to consume it before dinner. And Eva ended up being glad that Grandma brought half of hers back to share. Go figure.

On Sunday morning, we had a temporary reprieve from Eva crying about her stuffy nose while she "helped" Grandma put her makeup on. Some of her dinosaur puppets enjoyed sleeping in Grandma's makeup bag while she was here, and Eva offered to let Grandma take two of them home to snuggle with. Also a blanket, but Grandma drew the line and said that her suitcase could not accommodate any more unexpected cargo.

I realized when we got to the airport that we hadn't taken any self-portraits, and I could hear an exasperated Jill in my mind, so we took a quick airport photo before they were off. (Even though I was having a bad hair day. And a bad chin day. As usual.)


jenn said...

I think I would be thrilled with even a layover lunch with my mom- any time I can get! Glad you had the weekend to share. I love the image of your dad playing Cootie with Eva.

Jill said...

I didn't think you guys would have much time to go do anything, so I'm glad you had time for some outings.

I'm so glad you could hear my exasperation from afar because good grief.

Anonymous said...

I've didn't know that family could assist with dressing the loved one. I'm thinking you're a much braver person than I am. Not sure I could handle it with the class you've shown. Bravo you!

My son would love the dino's. He's absolutely in love with them (even at 15)

Kim Sue said...

can you imagine working on something for that long with only minimal progress to show for it!

Esther said...

Good grief, girl. You and your Mommy look absolutely wonderful.

Calvin Family said...

Sorry for the loss of your grandmother. It sounds like she was a fantastic woman who lived a wonderful and full life. My mother in-law grew up in Colonial Dublan. Her brothers and mother still live there. They are Robinsons.
I need to take me kids to the paleontology museum. Thanks for the review!

Michelle said...

Wow - I am so glad you were able to fit in so much! And the girl at the mall is super cute - I'm sure you will figure out how to make the darling flowers.

I think it is wonderful that you and your Mom were able to assist in dressing the body - that is a beautiful act of service.

Susan said...

Out time was short but sweet, for sure!

I loved that you went with me to dress Grandma Taylor. It did feel like a final act of service and tenderness. I was glad we did it.

Check out Dad's email to Eva about our new guests, the dinosaurs!

Thanks for a good weekend. I may have Dad talked into buying a house for rental until we retire!

rebekah said...

Being a paleontologist is one of those jobs that sounds like it would be loads of fun. As far as completely the coursework and the realities of the day-to-day tasks, well, that's probably different.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I had no idea triceratops were that massive either. I guess when all I see our child-size versions my view was skewed.

So fun to see your interaction with your family.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Your mom painting Eva's toes is the sweetest. Seeing Eva being so enthralled with the attention and paint, your mom passing femininity on to one more generation. That photo says a lot.

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