Thursday, March 18, 2010

the loot

After receiving this darling shirt (just my style!)...

and the amazing Self-Portrait Tuesday photo book from Jill, I felt like I was set. I didn't need any more gifts. But wait, there's more!

Jessie sent me this framed drawing she made when she was a little girl. With it came a tag that said, "I drew this when I was about 7 and looked up to my big sister. I still do." Seriously. If that isn't the sweetest thing!

And these super-cute fabrics. I love them all, but the blue and green one gives me heart palpitations.

She also sent some other sundry items that seem to have dispersed before I started taking pictures. (Oh! And I almost forgot! She sent back one of our circle journals that have been out of circulation for a year and a half. I had pretty much given up on seeing them again, so that was really exciting.)

Marc gave me a gift certificate to indulge my passion for photo books, Julie & Julia, which I somehow have still not seen, and a book on learning Illustrator. All excellent choices.

His parents gave me these cute apple tea towels (that was a hole in my collection!), some super hand cream that I desperately needed, and a check. I know a check must be boring to give, but it sure is fun to receive!

Esther sent me this very nice card.

Jill's friend Nikki sent me this card. It still takes me by surprise when I find out that someone I don't know reads and enjoys my blog. So nice!

Charlotte and Emily brought me these articles of clothing they bought at D.I. for fabric repurposing. I had just gone on a scouting trip to Savers a few days before. We are totally on the same wavelength!

Kacey sent me these monogrammed cards. Scallops, monogram, green, ricrac! She covered all the bases.

Natasha sent me this book about making bento box lunches, as she knew I was very intrigued when she started doing this for her kids. So thoughtful!

Patsy sent me these beautiful Liberty of London notebooks. The thing is, that stuff wasn't supposed to get to Target until birthday, and I got her package before then! How did she manage that?

She also included some birthday-themed tissues, which Eva just cannot wrap her mind around. (Why would you want to blow your nose on something so pretty??)

Tasha sent me another gorgeous cupcake card, a tiny notebook, and French soap label stickers. I've never seen those before, and they are so very cute.

Liz sent me the cutest packaging tape in the world. Also two other cute office supply items, but I just cannot get over the tape.

Kristi sent me these perfume notecards, a whole bunch of stickers that would be great for cardmaking, and a Target gift card!

Michelle gave me a gift certificate to Bake It Pretty. Oh the beautiful possibilities!!

My mom sent this very cool Paris photo book, a special issue of Fine Cooking all about chocolate, a room fragrance diffuser,

earrings and a necklace to match, luggage tag, mini notes, and a pink ruffle purse! (Eva is just dying for me to transfer all my stuff over and start using the new purse.) And a check. I did a little online shopping today–it is always so fun spending money with absolutely no guilt.

My darling neighbor Traci brought over a mini bundt cake for me on Sunday. She has a beautiful way with packaging, doesn't she? It made the perfect Monday morning breakfast.

And speaking of cakes. Marc made my traditional German Chocolate cake on Saturday night. Apparently it fell, and he was very unhappy with the way it turned out. (You should know that he is the master of this cake, having had many years of making it for me.) I assured him that it didn't matter to me at all, that we could have "cake guts" with ice cream and I would be perfectly happy.

He, however, could not get behind that plan. He went back to the store for more ingredients and started making a new cake at 10:00 p.m. Good grief.

Fortunately, he did not throw away the cake guts. They were enjoyed by many.

Here was cake #2. They were both delicious.

To sum up: for a girl who didn't really need anything, I am certainly appreciative of all of these tokens of generosity and thoughtfulness! Thank you, friends.


Jill said...

Oh my goodness, this is a lot of pleasing gifts from people who know and love you! Everything is so YOU! How did Liz find polka-dot packing tape?! Those notebooks from Patsy are right up your alley, and on and on. I'm at a loss. How wonderful, you totally deserve all this goodness!!

Jill said...

I'm back because I failed to gush properly about the creative thoughtfulness of Charlotte and Emily's clever gift! How resourceful and wonderful!

Natasha said...

I am reading Julie and Julie right now. The movie was good as well.

Fun to see all of your birthday goodies, you made out well!

Denise said...

Now I'm thinking that it was a good idea for me to wait and send your birthday gift late. I am happy to see that mine will not be a duplicate! (When one has as many fans as you do it is a concern, you know.)

I would like a piece of that cake right now. As you know, we share the same favorite cake.

I was just wistfully thinking that it has been about a year ago that you came for a visit to Denver. *sigh*

charlotte said...

I'm with Eva on wanting you to transfer your stuff to the new purse! A combination of pink and ruffles? That's love.

I sympathize with Marc on the cake. I would have baked a new one, too (and have recently redone a birthday cake).

I love that picture Jessie drew. Sister stuff is some of the best stuff. In Charlotte-and-Emily terms, it seems as though you two are each others' Number One!

Barb said...

Happy Birthday! How can Jill blog that she can't shop, but then she finds such a terrific top for you?

Kim Sue said...

what fabulous birthday goodness! sadly mine are made and awaiting mailing so be on the lookout for a happy from Mississippi!

Susan said...

When I was moaning about being late sending your gift, my friend Linda told me not to fear...that you would have enough gifts to more than fill the bill!

I can see she was correct! Mercy! I cannot imagine such an experience. Everything looks absolutely perfectly pleasing.

Glad you had a good day. I love you.

rebekah said...

You are a well-loved lady! Hannah Montana! I think Jessie's gift is the best. That drawing is priceless.

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