Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a new hobby?

I recently saw a cute necklace on Ruffles & Stuff that was a J. Crew knock-off. She had instructions for how to make it and her sister even offered kits for sale! I had to buy some.

Charlotte and Emily came over on Saturday so we could try our hands at jewelry-making.

We discovered midway through the process that we needed to take a trip to Roberts to buy some wire-cutters. At the store, we were distracted by all of the jewelry-making supplies. So many cute things! So many possibilities!

The girls were decidedly glad that they hadn't brought their wallets along. I succumbed to a few items.

We returned and finished our necklaces, tying on some of this vintage ribbon from the Paris flea market. (Actually, I only finished Eva's, I haven't made mine yet.)

Here's Charlotte, modeling the finished product.

And here Emily models it with a multi-strand effect. Cute, eh?

Great, another hobby. Just what I need!


emily said...

I'm wearing mine today! I love it. And a trip to Roberts may be in my near future.

amyfm said...

They look like you bought them in the cool vintage store. Love it.

Thanks for sharing the website. I can't wait to get lost in the projects.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh my goodness they are darling. And the models? Beautiful.

A girl can never have too many hobbies can she?

I sported a bracelet with a solitary green bead in it for my SPD observance. I thought about spinach noodle casserole for dinner long after it was too late to do anything about it. I'd guess you'd say I'm not much of a paddy fan today either.

charlotte said...

I'm wearing mine today! As I was walking across campus I was stopped by this tall black man and complimented on my beautiful necklace. When he asked where I got it, I got to say, "Oh, I made it myself." He was quite impressed, and I felt quite satisfied with the final project. And now I have one more thing to keep me busy this summer.

jenn said...

I didn't even put on a green shirt- just socks.

Very cute. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Jill said...

The necklaces turned out great, the women of your family just know how to style!

As you know, I wore red today, lame.

Denise said...

The girls told me about their jewelry-making adventure at your house, and I admit to being jealous. The necklaces turned out so cute! I'm checking out the website for sure, because you know how much I need another hobby. . . .

I concur on your feelings about St. Patrick's Day. Perhaps I'd feel differently if I wanted to drink green beer.

Michelle said...

I work with kids - therefore forced to wear green. I'm with you - definite non-holiday.

I love the necklaces! I can't wait to see what else you make!

Susan said...

Put me on the "recipent list" for new homemade jewels! Way cute.

rebekah said...

I bought a kit before I left. Why? At a time when I'm trying to downsize my life, I certainly don't need to pick up a new hobby.

I hope mine turn out as well as yours did!

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