Saturday, March 20, 2010

Creative Friday

This week's Creative Friday was actually held on Wednesday. We had pork tostadas from Cafe Rio again. I'm glad Jill discovered the tostadas, because they are perfect. Almost exactly like the salad, but smaller, so you don't feel overstuffed and sick after eating one.

Jill received a disturbing envelope from the USPS this week, notifying her that a large package of books that she sent was somehow lost, or opened, or something. It's mystifying, really, and my first thought was, "Do they even know who they are dealing with?! This is one of their very best customers!!" She had to fill out some paperwork to help them try to recover the goods.

Jill brought Ashley along, much to Eva's delight. Eva had preschool, but was thrilled to play with Ashley before and after. They were great together–a few months makes a big difference when you're 4!

Ashley was scared of Jack, and was cracking us up in her efforts to avoid him. (He must be terrifyingly huge when you're only just barely taller than he is.)

I worked on some thank you notes. I bought these darling cards at HomeGoods last week, and thought I would embellish them a little.

I had fun getting out some of my supplies that I so rarely use these days.

But I was left wondering if they were cuter before I messed with them? The jury's still out.

I am beginning to loathe self-portraits. This is not a good situation.

But not Creative Friday, never Creative Friday! (Even when it's on Wednesday.)


Jill said...

You made the cards even cuter than they already were, and you look very cute in the self-portrait! Give yourself a smack.

Miranda said...

Love the cards! Much better after you helped them out. Also, you can't start hating self portraits! You're my inspiration for them!

Denise said...

"Do they even know who they are dealing with?" Too funny, and true! I hope Jill gets her box returned--or better yet delivered in tact.

You silly girl! Your cards are darling and so are your SPs. I can empathize, however, as I have been going through a phase of not liking any of my SPs. I blame it on the Vanity Gene.

rebekah said...

Michelle, the jury is never out on anything you make. I wish I had your vision. I'm not lying or trying to be nice in saying that. You have a definite gift when it comes to bringing different things together in a pleasing way.

Michelle said...

Cute cards made cuter - love it!

Great picture of you and Jill...ditto to Jill's smack comment.

Yea for play dates!!

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