Friday, March 05, 2010

five for Friday

1. Our Blue & Gold banquet was last week. I was totally impressed by the invitations:

Definitely the cutest I've seen for such an event. I don't know who made them, but I will be keeping mine in my inspirations file.

We had to bring a decorated cake. We found this out on Monday night (the banquet was on Wednesday). I made a yellow cake with cream cheese frosting from scratch (I still have my standards), but took the easy route on the decorating. It won the "Scoutiest" award.

2. I'm finding it cool that my brother and sister are both on Facebook. I was checking in there yesterday and saw all three of our profile pics on the same page. There was something about it that just made me happy. I was examining the pictures to see how we all look alike or different. And I thought, "these are my peeps!"

3. The other day, I was taking Eva to preschool and there were snow flurries in the air. We looked down and discovered that the snowflakes looked just like the ones you see in depictions of snowflakes, but don't usually see in real life. Six-pointed, intricately detailed, beautiful. We were almost ridiculously excited. I tried to capture some, but they would melt almost immediately upon hitting our coats or the car window. (I'm somewhat disturbed by all of the hairs/fibers on my coat in this macro view.)

4. Max had the opportunity to play at Abravanel Hall on Monday with the Utah Valley Youth Symphony. They had a 6 a.m. rehearsal and took a 7:00 bus to Salt Lake. The boys had to have a black suit and bow tie, which we had to scramble to get in a hurry. He had a marvelous time.

{This isn't the best photo, but Grandma Mim wanted to see him in his suit.}

5. On Monday, I had to take Lucas and Eva back to the doctor (sinus infections again). We then went to the pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions. As we walked in the door at home, Max informed me that Jill had just left. She had brought me our book club book and a big Sonic diet Coke. And she had cleaned my kitchen -- apparently she can't help herself. I found this self-portrait she took on my camera. I love surprises like that.


Kate said...

Love the cake. Cream Cheese frosting is the best.

Can Jill stop by my house while I'm out?

What book are you ladies reading this time?

Kim Sue said...

how fun that jill stopped by and cleaned your kitchen and left you a little surprise photo!

and a BIG yeah that Eva slept all night!

Jill said...

That's definitely the cutest Blue & Gold invitation (or any church invitation really) I've ever seen!

I'm sure your cake was the tastiest one there.

Those snowflakes are seriously cool, but ew to the close-up of the coat and hair fibers.

It was fun for me to be at your house when Max came home from his Abravanel experience. He was so excited about it and looked so dapper in his suit, it was fun to be there for his arrival.

I forgot I'd taken that self-portrait on your camera, but it's cracking me up now.

Alisa said...

I love that invitation! I copied it to add to my file. (and the magnet!)
I love that Jill cleaned your kitchen and took a portrait with your camera.
Sorry about the sinus infections again.

rebekah said...

Whoa! That banner. I have no words, I have no words.

I saw some snowflakes during the last storm we had. It's so magical, isn't it? I guess it never occurred to me that you could see them with your naked eye.

Natasha said...

That is hysterical that Jill left that on your camera. What a nice friend to clean your kitchen!

Michelle said...

The snowflakes are unbelievably cool! I want to wake Kristen up to see them - who cares about the hair.

I need to adopt Jill.

I'm happy you refer to your siblings as peeps.

Miranda said...

Yes. Whoever designed that invite had to know a little about what they were doing. :) Awesome cake, way to stand up to your principles.

Susan said...

Agreed! I could hardly pay attention to the blog content for the darling, oh so cool and stylish banner! You are really the banner-master.

It's been too many years since I had a friend like Jill. Maybe I'll just try to be a friend like Jill, yes, that's it. Thanks, Jill.

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