Saturday, March 06, 2010

Creative Friday x2

I never got to posting about last week's Creative Friday (which was on Tuesday), so this is a double dose.

Jill picked up Cafe Rio for lunch, courtesy of Jen M., and it was a treat as usual. But we were cracking up that they heard her name as "Joel." Right.

I even find the Cafe Rio aftermath to be pleasing.

I love this picture of Jill working her good mail magic.

a common C.F. sight

It was a very Eva-heavy day. She (and Rex) joined us for some drawing and sticker projects.

And dancing. {photo by Jill}

And some very traumatic gluing. {photo by Jill} Calgon, take me away.

And then Max came home and joined us at the table for some math homework.

Still, Jill ended up with this very happy array. I love that she took this picture of the stamps!

Another one of those days when I wonder if this is the last Creative Friday. (Thank heavens it wasn't!)

Yesterday, I made these cookies, because even though I'm off candy, we had to have something good! They were quite good, although I think I would like them even better if I substituted some butter for some of the shortening. (Jill suggested that they might then become too dangerous. She's got a point.)

Eva couldn't finish hers. I never have that problem.

The kids didn't have school, so Max, Lucas, and Landon played games together.

At one point, the mailman brought me the book I ordered from Shutterfly! It's the first photo book I've made, and I'm quite smitten. I can see how this could easily become an addiction.

Eva wanted to have one long tea party. Jill was good to humor her and took this cute picture of them "toasting."

I trimmed some Paris photos and made them into cards. After that, I was inexplicably tired and just didn't feel like doing anything. I told Jill I was this close to going downstairs and watching a movie on Marc's big-screen TV. Luckily, she concurred.

We went down and selected Every Little Step from Marc's streaming Netflix options. We hunkered down with blankets, and after Eva tried snuggling inbetween us and basically being a nuisance for quite awhile, she finally gave up and went upstairs to watch her own movie.

I thought we might just conk out, but we managed to stay awake and enjoyed the movie. It was a Creative Friday first.

And we were both glad that we took our self-portrait at the beginning, thus avoiding unsightly bedhead issues...


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Unprecedented. Dubious. Cafe Rio aftermath. How funny.

My computer has been down all week. It was fun to catch up with you.

I do love the angles you think to take pictures from.

Raquel said...

Your hair looks fabulous in both self portraits - how nice to have wonderful hair both straight and curly...

Miranda said...

I wanted to snatch that photobook right off the screen and flip through it! Now I'm going to go pout because I can't see it.

Susan said...

Too funny, this Lucas comment!

All I can say is I am filled with unprecidented envy for the day.

I can never watch a movie when I"m tired...I always fall asleep!

Elizabeth said...

How fun to see by birthday on the list. I would love to be able to flip through that photo book. I bet it is awesome!

Natasha said...

I never tire of reading about your Fridays! You take great pictures and I love it all, even the food after math.

My kids don't volunteer showers either. Usually when I say, "please go take a bath," they ask if they really have to since they already took one a day or two before!

charlotte said...

Watching a movie on Creative Friday sounds lovely! I'm glad you could enjoy and stay awake. And I think I need to look through that photo book next time I'm over.

I hope that Lucas's dubious and unprecedented shower was a success!

Jill said...

How long had it been since his last shower? Perhaps his long hair is getting to him.

Oh those cookies, I want them now!!!

I'm so glad we document each week so well, otherwise they would blend into the distance of my foggy memory and be lost forever!

Hannah said...

I too have found other avenues to get my sugar fix without candy- but they take effort so it isn't as thoughtless. Loving it.

I wanna come see your book- what a GREAT idea! I wanna come see you too- and take Eva away for a few. Mya keeps asking...she doesn't have school this Friday :)

Michelle said...

I love the self-portraits! I can't wait to see your book...did you go with a specific time frame?

I can't believe you dared venture to man-cave territory...I hope you didn't leave anything behind :)!

rebekah said...

I really want to make myself a photo book! I just don't know what my subject would be. I started one last November for a friend that I need to finish.

It would be so interesting to see what Eva's perspective on these days is.

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