Tuesday, March 09, 2010

birthday book club

Last week's book club did double-duty as my birthday celebration. The birthday book clubs are the best! (Not just mine, either.) We always have a great dinner. This time we had meat with gravy (forgot to ask what that recipe was), mashed potatoes, spinach salad, and homemade rolls. And I didn't have to make any of it! {all photos by Jill}

Ice cream cake for dessert.

My friends gave me an Amazon gift certificate (my first! I'm so excited!) and a bag of pecans with sweet cranberries, black pepper, and orange zest (since I'm not eating candy). I sampled the pecans today and they are so delicious. Thanks, girls!

Jana is very pregnant with her sixth child (finally, a girl!) and was oh so uncomfortable. As usual, she is determined to have her baby on a set date (this time, the 5th), so I was shocked that she didn't have her baby the next day, March 5th. Four more weeks, I guess. (She is one strong-willed woman.)

Jenn's husband keeps the house quite chilly in the winter, so we all bundled up in blankets. (I would rather be cold than hot any day of the year! At least you can wrap up to get warm!)

We discussed the book The Heretic Queen, but we also had some pretty heavy conversation. I just love that we can talk about anything and everything. Jill's summary of the night brought tears to my eyes:

"We ended the night with a group hug (which was more like a huddle) surrounding Jana so she wouldn't have to get out of the recliner, which was rather sweet. We really have covered A LOT of life over our years together, and sometimes it feels necessary to acknowledge that and literally hold each other up."

The highlight of the night was when a pinata was given to one of our book club members with her husband's face taped to it. It was brilliant. And he totally deserved it.


jenn said...

The meat was the cranberry roast from the Year of Slow Cooking blog you turned me on to.

I hope you enjoyed it okay. I think my crock pot cooks hot because it was a little tough and I was SO mad that the cranberries didn't hold their shape like they did in her picture. I used whole cranberry sauce but they were mush by the time we ate. I liked the flavor and would do it again- but lessen the cook time for my pot.

It was a bit of a heavy night but just the right amount of humor to make life bearable and I love that most about book club!

Happy Birthday this month Michelle!

Kim Sue said...

so special that you get together so consistently and have each other especially on "heavy" nights.

Miranda said...

Waaaaaait...so, when is your birthday? Is it over? Did I miss it?

Dirk & Marie said...

I just got home from bookclub myself, so your post was very timely. I love those nights with my friends to talk and laugh. So great.

Natasha said...

Ok that must have been Amy's husband's face on the pinata. Hope you all bashed it in!

Looks like a fun way to celebrate turning another year older and with so many good friends. I always enjoy reading about your book club.

Jill said...

Our book club gatherings are always great!

rebekah said...

What a great support group you guys have. I love hearing all about these nights, and I just know that one day you guys will be on Oprah or the Today Show or something.

patsy said...

I am DYING to know what justified a face on a pinata? wow!

what a great club- I love how you guys are such good friend to each other.

Michelle said...

I love the face on the pinata idea. I have had moments where I fantasize about one of those blow up clowns (but with a particular face) that you can punch and they bounce back up- pinata just ups the violence a little.

The pecans sound yummy!

TX Girl said...

Awesome pinata. Quite clever if I do say so myself.

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