Monday, March 08, 2010

good times

With all the sickness around here, we've had a lot of whining, some crying, some tiredness, some cabin fever. But the kids have still managed to have some fun. (By the kids, I mean Lucas & Eva, as Max has been pushing through and going to school anyway.)

Lucas claimed the box my parents brought and made it into a robot -- specifically the Robotroid Mark 495. Eva was so enthralled with it, that he made her a slightly smaller one, the Roboscape Mark 2100. He was my hero that day.

We've had a lot of tea parties.

There was a whole lot of art going on. It was actually good for me that these two were sick at the same time!

Oh, and movies. Lots and lots of movies. SpongeBob, in particular.

Giving antibiotics (that must be given with food) twice daily to children who don't normally eat all that much and whose appetites are diminished still further by not being able to taste has been a challenge.

But Marc was up to the test. He created the polka-dot sandwich for Eva and it was a huge hit. She's eaten it several times since. I was at my wits' end.

Here's to improved health this week!


charlotte said...

First to comment!

A polka dot sandwich?? I think I'm in love. Brilliant.

Anne said...

Brilliant sandies!! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Kim Sue said...

I think I want some polka dot sandwiches!

Alisa said...

Polka Dot Sandwich?! I adore the name- and will be copying it. My mom has always said to get the kids to eat anything, just make it smaller and cute. How much cuter can you get than polka dots?

Jill said...

I guess it was a good thing that Lucas was sick too! It's nice that he can help entertain Eva and take the edge off the Smotherhood you experience when she's sick.

The polka-dot sandwiches are brilliant!

Natasha said...

The polka-dot sandwhich-- love!

Petey said...

Lucas is my hero of the week for creating the Robotoid. I remember the days when my siblings and I played with a card board TV more than anything else.

rebekah said...

Way to go dad!

Robotroid and Roboscape? Fantastic. I love it.

I don't know how you handle so much sickness.

Michelle said...

Lucas is wonderful. I love the eye peeking out of the robot.

Very genius the polka dot sandwich!

Did you try any of the sinus rinse stuff?

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