Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday thoughts

Our sacrament meeting today was about receiving individual spiritual direction.

- One of my darling former Laurels was the youth speaker. Her seminary teacher gave the class a challenge to pray, read the scriptures, and write in their journals every day for 30 days. She said that she had never felt as in tune with the Spirit as she did during those 30 days. Her teacher encouraged them to choose a partner, and the partners reminded each other about their commitment. When the 30 days was over, she and her partner decided to continue reminding each other for the rest of the year. I thought this was brilliant.

Other highlights:

- The Lord will not force you to learn - you must authorize the Spirit to work in your life.

- Anger, fear, pride, and sin can overpower the delicate promptings of the Spirit. If we want to receive personal revelation, we must work to eliminate these things from our lives. We must be worthy to receive it.

- We will hear and notice the things that are most important to us. If we are earnestly striving to recognize the promptings of the Spirit, we will.

- One mother related many examples of times throughout her life when she had to seek guidance from the Holy Ghost: as a mother of young children, a mother of teens, as a grandmother, and now as a daughter caring for an aged mother. She received guidance every time and found words that were not her own to help her comfort, teach, and help. (Oh, how I need that help!)

- As mothers, we do not receive promotions, awards, or accolades. But when we are obedient and strive to follow the Savior's example, we will receive confirmations that what we are doing is pleasing to the Lord.

I loved these messages. I know that I really need daily spiritual guidance, especially as a mother. And I know that I can receive it, if I seek it and work on my own personal worthiness. Now I only have to remember that and go to work!


Susan said...

Oh, how close to my heart these words are. I love my relationship with the Spirit and cherish it deeply. I find it easy to testify of His reality and my need for His influence daily to those that I teach.

I never tire of hearing more of His abilities and deeper challenges regarding our rapport with Him. Thank you for these words and confirmation. I really depend on Him daily for knowledge and direction, protection and joy.

What a nice bit of advice from your cute Laurel!

Jill said...

These sound like fabulous talks!

I know from experience that when I read my scriptures every day I feel stronger and closer to the Lord, and so wish I had adopted that habit as a teenager.

I have been drawn to quotes and talks about listening to the Spirit and know that this is something I want to improve upon in my life.

Alisa said...

I loved reading your thoughts on the messages from your ward-(our church was canceled today!)
I liked the quote about mothers- a good thing to hear and be reminded of!
Merry Christmas.

Michelle said...

I pray all day long! I feel like I have an ongoing conversation and don't know how I would survive or even if I could, without feeling the influence of the Holy Ghost or knowing that Heavenly Father hears my prayers.

rebekah said...

I have started writing in a journal again after abandoning the daily habit for a few years. Even if I just write a few lines, the process still grounds me. I also find that it conditions me for a more meaningful prayer.

Claudissima said...

I think i HAVE too much noise in my life to be in tune....maybe i SHOULD quiet down a bit

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