Wednesday, July 29, 2009

pinewood derby

Last night was our Pinewood Derby, a highlight of any Cub Scout's career, made even more exciting by the fact that our ward only does them once every three years!

Lucas decided he wanted to make a Humvee, so Marc helped him to find a pattern online. Good thing Uncle Timm happened to be in town to help with the cutting! Lucas did the painting and found a spare gun to glue on top. Do you like the way it's camouflaged against our door?

The gym was fully decked out for a night of racing, and our cubmaster was in good form. I swear he's like a stand-up comic, and pack meetings have been a lot more bearable since he came onto the scene!

Landon came with us and then slept over. It was great to have another member of our cheering crew. I'm willing to bet this is turning out to be Lucas's best summer ever.

Lucas carried the flag in flag ceremony. I don't usually have my camera at pack meeting, so it was fun to capture him in Cub Scout action.

Each car ran 4 heats (it was originally supposed to be 3, but some crazy parents argued for 4 for reasons I didn't understand, and thus we went overtime.)

I love this picture of Lucas watching one of his races.

He got third place! We had talked about the point of Pinewood Derby ahead of time, which, in my mind is to be creative, learn about making something, and to have fun. I'm big on good sportsmanship. Lucas was prepped to not care if his car was particularly fast, so I think he was surprised and pleased to get a medal. He also got two awards: Toughest Looking Car and Cubmaster's Choice.

It was a good night.

p.s. all photos except the blurry ones by Max.


lelly said...

who do i need to talk to about having the Derby only once every three years?!? what a FANTASTIC idea!!

love the camo humvee, love the "repurposed" ammo on top :)

Amy said...

Big congratulations to Lucas for a seriously cool car and for placing in the top three! And more to Max for honing those photography skills. Marc's going to have to start hiring him soon to cover the jobs he can't make.

Jill said...

I love it that his car matches your front door, what a fashionable Humvee.

The pictures are great! No doubt they're the most stylin Pinewood Derby photos ever!

Thanks for taking Landon with you and having him over, I think this is turning out to be his best summer ever as well.

patsy said...

I am so glad your pinewood derby was so successful!

Trent has not been in a pinewood derby & he is going to be a weeblo soon... scouting is lacking here (partially why I am trying to be the best scout leader)
So- we are having one I hope, I hope... in October.
A good cubmaster makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE- this is experience talkin! Our last one refused to wear the shirt because"only nerds wear scout shirts" nice? what a jerk... Okay- I better go- my true colors are coming out ;)

Fred said...

Congratulations Lucas!!
Great looking Humvee...and nice pictures of the event!!

Susan said...

I've never been a fan of this event. However, I wish I could have been there!

Way to go, Lucas. And,I'm pretty sure the door/Humvee color coordination was no mistake! Another good call, to be sure.

Marie said...

That was a seriously cool looking car. I'm glad it was so much fun for him!

Amie said...

Our ward only does the Derby every few years too... it is cute how much the boys love it but I am not sad about it.

Claudissima said...

Uyyyy sooo creative with the paint and the gun on top of the roof. I love cars so it was awesome to see how creative you can get, love the green by the door too! What door was that? Max is getting to be wonderful at photography. It is no wonder with such talented parents and great camera.!

Michelle said...

Lucas is so amazing - what a cool car - and Max's photography is excellent!!!

Natasha said...

Great pics capturing the event,Max.
Michelle, check out my blog contest for a Paper Source calendar.

Denise said...

That is brilliant to only have the Pinewood Derby every three years. I love Lucas' car and especially like seeing how great he looks in his uniform!

Melinda said...

I love that your ward only does it every 3 years. Why can't all wards do this? We are not starting with another scout now that Cameron is 8. Oh, I hate scouts. I have to mentally prepare for this.

Kelly said...

Pinewood Derby is so not on my radar that I have no idea how often our ward does it. :) I'm impressed with Lucas's creativity, and love that his car matches your wonderful door.

rebekah said...

Max is such a talented photographer. He always impresses me with his interests and talents.

Lucas's car is by far the coolest derby car I've ever seen.

I didn't know what a Pinewood Derby was until I was at BYU. I just knew the boys all got together and did something manly. It had a very secretive air about it!

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