Friday, July 31, 2009

on my mind

1. Earwigs. I hate them. We seem to have had an earwig explosion around here this year, what's up with that? I'm wondering if it's due to the unusually rainy Spring/early Summer we had. In any case, they are most definitely not welcome around here.

2. I listed some things on Craigslist this week, one of which is an elliptical machine that we no longer have room for. A woman came by to try it out and inadvertently severed the power cord. Very uncool. How can I sell it now?? I know that power cords can be spliced together, but I do not personally have the skills needed.

3. Yesterday I got what is most likely the worst haircut of my life. Jessie and I went to the salon together for cuts & color, and what should have been a fun and relaxing afternoon out went horribly wrong. Despite having a picture, my hair turned out far too short and hopelessly dowdy, and now I feel like nothing can be done. Nothing like looking like a middle-aged frump to make you feel great about yourself. And now that we'll be moving to Paris in less than 6 weeks, I'm feeling seriously depressed about my appearance. (And NO, I will not be posting a photo anytime soon!) Today when I styled it myself, it was slightly better. Slightly.

4. Hugs. My sister-in-law Michelle told me something she had read about when we were vacationing at Snowbird, and it has stuck with me. Then yesterday, I looked at a coupon for Build A Bear and it had the same thing on the back! To wit:

4 hugs per day are needed for survival
8 hugs per day are needed for maintenance
12 hugs per day are needed for growth

I think this explains why sometimes Lucas will hug us and tell us goodnight 3 or 4 times a night... I'm thinking I should be more mindful about making sure I hug my kids lots. Plus, when you give one, you (usually) get one in return! How many hugs do you get a day?

5. I think I can finally say that I am finished having kids with no regrets. Eva is challenging me with her myriad of fears now that are making constant appearances, day or night. She is, as Marc says, the baby to end all babies. And I think I have all I can handle with my three.


Anonymous said...

Yes on the earwigs! We have seen so many more this year. My girls love all bugs, but these creep them out!

Bummer about the power cord...I have no idea how to fix something like that!

Sorry about your hair- although I can't imagine you looking dowdy at all...surely something can be done!

I love hugs. I wish more people were open to them.

The baby to end all babies has me laughing... :)

Jill said...

We have a lot of earwigs this year too, but I deal with them way better than I deal with spiders so I haven't been freaking out. Poor Whitney has though, she hates them and tends to avoid any place she has spotted one...that complicates things.

Surely someone can fix that power cord for you. I guess Timm didn't get a chance to look at it eh?

I'm so sorry about your haircut, I really can't imagine how it could have gone so wrong. Maybe it will spur some sort of hat renaissance for you.

Oh dear, I would be in serious trouble in the hug department if I didn't have kids. I hug them many times a day, so hopefully their hug quotas are being met.

Oh dear, the baby to end all babies, that's not a claim to fame. Does it seem like she has been little for a really long time? Usually 4 year olds have moved on from all of this drama, apparently she didn't get the memo.

Kristy said...

When I only had 2 children I could picture myself wanting at least 4. It's just something about number 3 that wears you out and mine's not too high maintenance. It's like you can only spread yourself so thin and your patience is already worn out before they even get here. I can totally see how people let their baby get away with more than the older kids. At some point, your energy is just zapped and you have to really work hard just to go! I hope Eva will grow out of the phase quickly for your sanity. :)

Amy said...

Oh, Michelle, I'm so sorry about your hair! I can't wait to see it for myself, though. I'm with Hannah, there's no way you could look dowdy--especially if you have an adorable pair of muffatees poking out of your coat. Nobody will notice your hair then! ;)

I hope Eva finds it within her to stop the drama! Alex is my dramatic one, and it just seems to be getting worse, so I know what you mean--although I suspect boy drama and girl drama are somewhat different.

I usually hate this term, but hugs to you! It sounds like you could use a few extra!

Denise said...

Earwigs sick me out to the MAX. Even writing the word "earwigs" makes me cringe. I can't believe that Jill prefers them over spiders.

I feel your pain on the whole middle-aged hairdo thing. Why can't we just feel trendy and cute? AUGH! Hair woes are the worst.

Severed the power cord while looking at your elliptical machine? What's up with that and how does one possibly do that? And how stupid must she feel?

We hug quite a bit around here and I like it that way.

Claudissima said...

oh dear....not good to have a bad encounter with hair. as it is, it is hard to make it look good. I have months and months putting mine up in a little bun. i DON'T EVEN comb it. We go to the pool almost every day and I just get it wet and then put it up. I have no cut, no highlights and no desire to blow dry it, or do anything with it. I feel soooooooo unBLONDE~ I just want to go to UTAH and get my hair done!!!! No money for gas, even trying to get a ride, but haven't really looked into it.! Need it badly! If i get it done here, now, it will be much more...because it is not short hair anymore, but that is just for the hightlights..and hair cut, way! I am with Denise.... that is why if I have a picture of one of those days that the hair looks great! i THRIVE on them...and get pumped a little self-esteem from them!

Susan said...

There's not much worse than a haircut that you don't like! No one can make you feel any better if you don't like it yourself...that being said, at least it will grow. Nor much consulation, I know from experience. Maybe this is the time to go REALLY short! A really good stylist could help. I did think it looked cute in the self portrait with Lucas, though.

It's always good when the final decsion of family growth seems to feel right. Good luck with the rest of Eva's life!!! (Oh dear, that sounds strange, but I'm pretty sure there are still some intense years ahead...

Kelly said...

Oh, earwigs are so creepy. We've all of the sudden been finding them randomly around the house, too. Brynlee said, "We've GOT to do something about these earwigs!" I agree, but I just don't know what to do since they don't seem to be congregating in any one spot. Ugh -- it gives me the bad shivers just to think about.

Interesting about the hug quota. Avery is so physical that we really have to make a point to get her the amount of hugs she needs. It's definitely her love language. It's not mine, so I definitely have to make a concerted effort.

PQ is also our baby to end all babies -- why don't we live closer so that those two peas can be in their crazy pod together??

Barb said...

I need to hug more.

charlotte said...

Oh earwigs are gross! Ew ew ew ew ew.

She severed the power cord? What the heck.

SO sorry about the bad haircut.

I like hugs.

Robyn said...

I've seen that BAB quote about hugs before and it really hit me. I need to post it in my house to remind me!


How did that woman sever the cord?! Seriously? I'll send Jared your way. It must be fixable.

Amy said...

I like hearing that 3 is enough. That's what I'm aiming for!

Amie said...

I love the hugs quote. James is the same way and is always coming back for "another."

The "worst haircut of my life" sounds horrifying... it can't be that bad.. You have great hair. I hope you find a way to style it so you will feel better about yourself. I know I don't need one more thing to be self conscious about.

Thankfully no earwigs here.

rebekah said...

People just don't understand curly hair, do they? It's so frustrating. I think I've given up on getting haircuts, per se. The last time I went in I just told the girl to cut it straight across the bottom. I wear my hair up everyday anyhow, so why not?

Um, I would have bought the elliptical had I damaged it in any way. Seriously, what kind of person wouldn't?

I've taken to giving hugs to people at work. I just can't stop myself.

Jen said...

the baby to end all babies. that phrase just cracks me up. :)

your hair is not horrible!!! and paris is that close?!?!? i am jealous!!

i have been thinking about hugs since i read this post when you posted it (i'm behind on commenting). i'm so much more aware of how many hugs i'm giving my kids now! (poor k is wrigglign away every chance he gets!)

emily said...

I'm so sorry about your disappointing haircut. It makes me so nervous and frustrated when the hair stylist just keeps cutting with no end in sight. I had a bad experience once where my hair ended up hitting about my ear lobes. I hope yours grows out again soon and that you'll be able to make it work!

And earwigs are way gross. One crawled up my leg last month, and it was horrible.

And lame about the Craigslist respondent ruining the product. If Grandpa were close he could definitely repair that cord.

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