Monday, May 18, 2009


In the last two weeks, I...

  • finally got my safety & emissions tests and renewed my overdue sticker
  • finally got my new driver's license (I had to go on a bad hair day, yikes!)
  • used my gift certificate for a pedicure that Jill gave me for Christmas -- there were guys working upstairs and more working downstairs and no escape, so after I dropped Eva off at preschool I went to the salon. A heavenly escape.
  • took Lucas to the doctor -- he got antibiotics for a sinus infection.
  • took Eva to the doctor -- she got antibiotics for strep.
  • made 3 batches of a lemon jello dessert for a Young Women's Recognition dinner (not my choice!)
  • taught piano lessons in the loud basement with no carpet.
  • attended Max's last orchestra concert of the year.
  • took Max to Cold Stone to celebrate.
  • started knitting a ruffled scarf for Eva.
  • started reading A Year of Living Biblically.
  • took the kids and drove to Vail for a short vacation with my parents and Denise's family.
  • dozed off at the wheel for the first time in my life -- I swear it was just like a long blink -- and when I opened my eyes I was on the wrong side of the road with a car coming towards me. I swerved back into my lane, where there were other cars behind me. My van spun out several times and somehow, miraculously, we didn't get hit. We didn't roll. We just ended up on the right shoulder of the road, shaken, but unhurt. Truly terrifying. I'll be buying some No-Doz for the drive back.
  • watched Anne of Green Gables for the first time in years (sigh).
  • have gone on leisurely mountain walks, watched hummingbirds, and listened to babbling creeks.
  • celebrated my dad's birthday with him.

For good or ill, it's been an eventful time! And mostly good.


Kelly said...

Ack, Michelle! That dozing off bullet point scared my guts! I am so glad you are all right. Enjoy the rest of your trip and be safe!

Jill said...

Oh my goodness, that near-miss sounds horrifying! I'm so glad you're all okay. I get sleepy when driving long distances and it is so scary.

You've had an eventful two weeks for sure, so it's really wonderful that you're getting to have a restorative trip with almost all your favorite people. I hope you're taking lots of photos!

rebekah said...

i was just thinking about prince edward island myself...i remember the copies we had when i was little had the best feel and smell. the pages were rough with thick black type, and the smell was deep and rich and old. i remember i was trying to teach myself to read more slowly, so i had a post-it note that i would scoot down line after line all the way down the page.

patsy said...

oh my-- sleepy car driving- scary stuff- I am so glad you guys are okay!!

I love the colorado mountains. We lived there for 18 months, thought it would be longer but got transfered to Utah... I really liked it there.

Have fun- can't wait to see all the great food I KNOW you guys are making!

jt said...

i'm pouting.
that's all i can say right now.

Miranda said...

The Year of Living Biblically is hilarious. Also, that was a very scary car incident disguised as a bullet point. Glad you're all okay.

Susan said...

The Amy Grant song, "Angels Watching Over Me" comes to mind.

So glad to be here power relaxing with you and your family!

Diane said...

Wow, Michelle. That was awfully scary. I am truly grateful you are ok. Have a wonderful time with your family!

crystal said...

Ahhh! Don't you think a near-death experience deserves a paragraph, as opposed to a bullet point?! Seriously though, Im sure it's hard to even talk about it. I had a brush with death on the interstate once and I had to stop on the shoulder for a half hour so I could bawl my eyeballs's terrifying. I feel blessed that you are blogging about it and not really hurt somewhere in a colorado hospital. Poor kids! Were they shaken?

Restore your equalibrium with your peeps.

Liz said...

Oh Michelle! I seriously panicked when I read about the falling asleep and ending up on the wrong side of the road!! I am so glad that this ended safely!!

Take care on your return trip!!

Melinda said...

Holy cow Michelle! I am so glad you are all okay~ How scary.

I made your chicken pot pie last night for dinner and all I can say is heavenly! We didn't have anything left of it. I changed the crust because I didn't have time to make one from scratch so I used a puff pastry on top and it worked out really well. Jason now wants this once a week!

Jen said...

wow!!! ok- so the dozing thing deserves more than just a bullet point towards the end!!! holy cow, chica! i'm glad you're ok. sleep. please try to sleep! if you can't get a long stretch at night (an adequate stretch) then split it up- take some naps. (i know i am harping, but i can send you research if you'd like...). wow. i'm glad you are ok.

and lemon jello!??!?! ahh...nightmarish. a few months back i would have been in love with it, but my senses have returned in that arena and sounds not good. :)

Price Cream Parlor said...

You have been sooo busy! I can't believe you have two littles on two antibiotics for two separate ills.

SCARY about your road trip!! Glad the outcome was a good one! I would imagine it was hard to start driving after such a scare!

rmt said...

Oh my gosh! Scary! I am so glad that you are all okay.

I love Anne of Green Gables! And hooray for getting a pedicure:)

Marie said...

I'm so glad that story had a happy ending! Yikes!

Also, I am very interested in the Living Biblically book. I bet it is facinating.

charlotte said...

I'm so glad you're safe! And I loved it that you could come to Vail with us--it was so great to see you and the kids!

Robyn said...

Glad to hear you arrived safe and sound from your trip. Vail is probably gorgeous right now. Me = jealous.

Picturing you making a lemon jello dessert is cracking me up right now (it is 11pm, but still)

Claudissima said...

OH my, Michelle...THAT happend with me and Alf when we were coming back from a dance in the capitol was late, and alf dozed, we ended up on the shoulder looking at all the cars, passing...good thing it was the was cold and there was snow.....Alf tends to do this, it was been a hardship...that is why i usually drive at night all the time, I have had my moments, but nothing serious...and my mum and alf had a miracle....after their roll over like 8 times.............arghhhhhhhh it is a horrible experience....soooooo glad you were joke about the angels watching over....I am glad you had such a break and relaxing time with family, there is nothing like renewing your spirit with the best medicine.

I got your pkg....thank you soooo much!

jenn said...

I am SO, SO, SO glad you are all okay! I can see from your busy week why you were so tired and I hope your trip was restful and enjoyable. Did I mention that I am SO glad you are alright?!!!

emily said...

I'm so glad that you and your kids were able to make it to Vail with us! I loved sharing knitting patterns, fibers, and techniques with you.

I got "Living Biblically" from the library two days ago, and am enjoying it very much. Thanks for the recommendation!

Alisa said...

WOW- that is crazy scary. Glad you were all ok. I think my kids would be talking about it for days. It would be the first thing they would bring up in conversation with someone ..."do you want to know what happened?"
Glad that you were able to have a safe trip.

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