Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday thoughts

This weekend we had our stake conference. It was all good, but my favorite part was the Saturday night adult session, as Eva was at home rather than whining restlessly on my lap...

My favorite notes:

  • Why should we attend the temple regularly? In addition to feeling the Spirit of the Lord, it's great to be among people who have all come to the temple with a reverent, Christlike attitude, expecting to find others in the same attitude. (I had never thought of that before, but it's so true.)
  • One woman shared that when her youngest child started attending preschool, she had the prompting that "if you have time to shop, you have time for the Lord". She started attending the temple weekly and has been doing that for 14 years. This gave me pause -- I really need to increase my temple attendance -- if not weekly, at least monthly!
  • There is no other place we can receive the blessings that come to us in the temple.
  • Our community and our children will be protected and safeguarded as we serve in the temple.
  • In times of physical pain, the promises given to us in the initiatory ordinance can carry us through. (this made me think of my grandma)
  • Temple worship is an important pattern for us to set -- individually and as families.
  • President Hinckley encouraged members to replace some leisure time with temple service. This hit home.
  • Come to the temple and place your burdens on the Lord. Now that is an invitation that is hard to resist!
  • Sanctification through the Holy Ghost changes not only our outward actions, but our very natures -- it's a process through which we no longer desire to do things not pleasing to the Lord. It is a process of, day by day, denying ourselves of all ungodliness, of yielding our hearts to God.
  • Our despair can be turned to hope through the power of Christ's atonement.
  • Strive to apply every lesson and every principle to the atonement. Focusing on the atonement will take the gospel deep into our hearts.


Melinda said...

I love all of these quotes. They were all what I really needed to read. I love the one with the pre schooler. If you can shop go to the temple! Ouch! I am not too far off from being able to do that.

The other one that really struck out at me was the one with our community and children will be protected and safeguarded as we serve in the temple. That is huge.

Thanks for sharing!

patsy said...

GReat message!

I told my self when trent started school that I would easily go to the temple at least once a month- that did not happen-
since having a missionary son who is too far away but wants to go to the temple SO BAd--- I have reprioritized myself & haven't missed since October. IT's a start!
I promised the missionary during his (very preachy ;) Christmas phone call home- I wouldn't miss a month before he came home.
Amazing to be learning this lesson from my child!?

Our Stake Conference is this weekend- they are always so uplifting. after this reminder- I am really looking forward to it!

rebekah said...

the number one thing i miss about utah is not living near temples. i miss knowing i could go to a session at any moment at provo, or seeing all the tempes as i drove up and down i-15.

i never thought about the initiatory ordinances in that way. my mom really struggled with her chemo treatments and the physical pain and side effects it brought. now she's dealing with radiation, and her body is suffering in a whole new way. this thought will definitely pick her up!

i love the idea of being around like minded people in the temple. i always felt the same way about attending General Conference at the conference center. it's so uplifting and heart warming to see masses of people coming from all directions to gather at one location and hear the Lord's representatives speak.

charlotte said...

I love these thoughts! I haven't gone through the temple yet, but I can apply these same principles with doing baptisms as well. What an uplifting meeting!

Jill said...

I love the thought of you happily taking notes while you were Eva-free at the adult-session of Stake Conference.

These are great notes and really helpful to me since temple attendance is something I struggle with.

Jen said...

i love that you're a note-taker. i really like hearing these thoughts and benefitting from them even though i wasn't there.

i'm better than i used to be with temple going- but gosh, do i need to work on it. i've been thinking about that a lot lately and this just really drives it home for me. :)

i like that thought about how we go to the temple expecting others to have that same christlike attitude- where else can that happen? amazing.

Becky said...

This are great thoughts! I love going to the temple and can't wait for the day when my four (almost five) kids are all old enough that it is easier. They are all 2 years apart so it seems like it is so difficult to find a good time and a good babysitter, etc. But I do miss going regularly. And I absolutely love initiatory work.

I also love and have a testimony of that statement about definitely is a process but a good one.

Thanks for sharing Michelle!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Thanks for these thoughts on temple attendance! I needed this!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I concur. Temple attendance is a HUGE blessing.

amy m said...

We just went to the temple open house on Friday and it was such a great reminder to me that I need to get there more. Love the thoughts you shared.

Susan said...

I know that being super busy is not an excuse, nor living 3.5 hours away from our Temple! I, for one, am so excitied to be getting a Temple in Philadelphia. It's a bit scary where it will be, but I'm sure the Lord has a protection order out for those of us who will attend. Come to think of it, I guess He has a protection order out for all saints when they attend any of His Temples!

I love all the notes. Thanks. I really believe that making ourselves Temple worthy is the road to perfection. It sounds a lot more doable to be Temple worthy than to be perfect! I'll repledge my attendance. Thanks.

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