Saturday, March 07, 2009

just plain happy

This week was full of happiness for me, both small pleasures and bigger things as well.

I was finally able to publish a Blurb book (the songs and poems of his step-dad) that Marc and I have been working on for over a year! That was huge.

We took advantage of the rebate program our utility companies are providing -- they refund the entire cost of adding to the attic insulation -- it is supposed to lower our energy costs, and it doesn't cost us a dime! The whole thing was so fast and easy, too. When they were finished, they vacuumed up after themselves and even cleaned up the stray insulation pieces outside! Most impressive.

I've been having fun with fabric again. Textiles are just so pleasing to me.

After seeing the bibs that Amanda was making, I decided to check out the Bend the Rules Sewing book. Now I'm working on a couple of projects and it is fun to return to sewing!

I don't love ironing, but when I'm quilting or doing little sewing projects, it does have a certain satisfaction. And when I do iron, I sure do appreciate my Rowenta Advancer!

Am I the only one who loves selvages?

selvage (noun) 1. the edge of woven fabric finished so as to prevent raveling, often in a narrow tape effect, different from the body of the fabric.

Something about those little circles of color with numbers inside really does it for me...

I finally scheduled a long-overdue piano tuning. Our friend Brigham came over to tackle the job (old, old piano). He spent 3 hours working on it! He fixed a broken key, adjusted several keys that were clicking, and just gave it a good tuning. It sounds so much better now, and I don't have to keep apologizing to my students about the broken key...

Brigham has these big cases of containers with all of his parts neatly organized. I found them very pleasing to look at, and I think Brigham was delighted that I shared his satisfaction.

My sister-in-law Michelle came down from Salt Lake today to take me out for my birthday.
She is so good to me!

There's not much I love more than California Pizza Kitchen's pear gorgonzola pizza paired with adult conversation!

We even got pedicures together. It was so warm and relaxing, we both were ready for a nap afterwards. Our kids had fun hanging out together while we were gone, so it was good for everyone! And when we came home...

we had some of this cheesecake that Max made!

Tonight, I sang in a quintet for the adult session of our stake conference. It's been far too long since I did any singing, and that is my favorite kind -- multiple parts, pretty harmonies -- it was really fun.

There were so many happy things this week that even having a 3-hour nosebleed on Friday night with a 40-minute reprise this morning couldn't dampen my spirits! Well, maybe a little... it was incredibly frustrating to not be able to staunch the bleeding, to have to stay up way later than I wanted, and to get blood all over my clothes, sinks, floor, face, and hands. (I opted not to do any photo-documentation of this episode, it was too disturbing.)

I paged my ENT and when he called me back, he was not concerned at all. I was a little nervous about going out today in case it should happen again, but the day passed without incident. Whew!


Jill said...

What a great week, filled with so many gorgeous photos! (It sickens me to think of any of these pictures not being taken.)

A 3 hour nosebleed sounds sick and wrong, but I guess your ENT should know eh?

It cracks me up that you have so many labels for this post.

Becky said...

Everything about this post (except for the nosebleed!) is so pleasing. I love textiles and selvage too even though sewing isn't my first pick when it comes to crafty projects.

I will pay Max to make me that cheesecake...yummy!

Jen said...

what?! 3 hours of a nosebleed? i would have panicked. that much and i lose it. i'm glad you're ok...

i love this post. those fabrics make me swoon- which is hillarious since i'm so inept with a sewing machine (seriously- my husband has to remind me how to thread it each time). too bad b/c i could really use some skillz right now to sew a crib skirt!! maybe i'll get brave and try....

max made that cheesecake?! divine! how do you teach boys to do this?!

i love that you got to go out with your sil. sometimes i wish i had an inlaw to do that with. other times, of course, i count my blessings. :)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I agree with the other comments . . . so many pleasing things.

I've heard great things about Rowenta's and am glad you believe in them, too.

I like salvages. They're just so neat and tidy.

My goodness, Max is a COOK! What an accomplishment for him and you.

What a terrible nosebleed. Noses are the least fun thing to babysit, don't you agree? I hope you're okay.

Liz said...

What a fun week, minus the nosebleed. Do you use a nasal spray? The reason I ask, is that Ben does, and he said a side-effect is nose bleeds, which he has recently been getting. So he is taking a break from the nasal spray for a bit to see if that helps. Just a thought for you.

Happy early Birthday!

Amy said...

The three hour nosebleed sound horrific, but everything else is lovely. Especially the fabric! I hope you show us what you're making.

If you love selvedges then you have to check out this blog:

Scroll down the page until you reach "Creative Selvedge Freak Woman in the sidebar. You'll die! She made an entire dress out of selvedges!

Amy said...

Okay, I'm quickly commenting before going to check out the "creative selvedge freak woman"'s dress. So funny!

Your Max sounds like a dream (making cheesecake!)...and I loved hearing all the little bits and pieces that gave you a happy week. Checking things off of the list is always a good feeling.

Kelly said...

Your Max just sounds like the coolest kid. His cheesecake is so impressive!

I'm glad you've had a happy week. All your photos were just delightful, and I can't wait to see what you and fabric have been up to together.

Scary about the nosebleed! That would have been more than disconcerting! I hope there's no repeat performance of that!

patsy said...

Oh what a GREat post!!

wow- what a great week-
I too love textiles & selvage & sewing projects... Love them. I wish I could just sit & do sewing projects all the time. Unfortunately when I do a project the Whole world falls down around me- still fun though.

I have to say that I have had that pizza after you recommended it- several times- it's my absolute favorite.
I hope this next week is just as good :)

shannon said...

What a great post!

Look at you with your fancy iron!

The piano tuner that we had when I was growing up had 6 fingers on each hand...! We always used to love to watch him tune...Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do...Re?!

That salad sure would hit the spot right about now as would that cheesecake!--Is that chocolate on the bottom?! Holy Toledo!

Kim Sue said...

wow at the happiness especially the great fun with your SIL and coming home to that cheesecake :o)

emily said...

What a wonderful way to feel! I love those weeks when you are blessed with so many things to feel happy about. I'm going to try to find those this week. Thanks for the inspiration! =)

Lucy said...

It all sounds and looks delightful. I bet the quintet sounded beautiful. I love small group harmonies too.

Susan said...

Sounds like a wonderful and fulfilling week! You sound happy for sure (in spite of the nosebleed!)

I love selvages too!!Decorative fabrics (the drapery type, generally 54" wide) always have the color marks on the side! It's too funny that you love them, as I have always found delight in them, but never thought to wonder if others enjoyed them! I like it that we both do. Those fabrics are way too cool. Textiles do give me such pleasure. It's part of my job that I love the most. What are you doing with them? Quilting or something else? When time permits, I'll check out the link that you referenced, which might give a clue. Those are the exact colors we are working with for the Charleston exterior project! And, the colors or my basement which has been done now for about 4 years...still in love with them.

Sounds like you're getting a headstart on your birthday celebration! It's always fun to spread it out (except maybe not this year for me.....the big 60!)

And, I'm thrilled with Max's creative time spent in cooking! It looks like it might be the chocolate cheesecake he helped me make at Christmas, is it? Good work, Max-man! I would really like a piece right this very minute at 12:39am, EEK! Goodnight.

wende said...

i'm love how your title just says it all. and you're right, everything about your week was just plain happy! i'm so glad, you did a great job setting your week up for happy by filling it with happy people and happy projects. it doesn't get any better than that!

charlotte said...

What a great week! And I love it when I can find the joy in everyday things, like the colored circles on the fabric. And a 3-hour nosebleed?! Sounds like a good kickoff to a House episode.

amy m said...

Sounds like a delightful week. I am such a fan of fabric as well and I can’t wait to see what you’re up to.

April said...

Selvages make me gaga. The little numbers. The colors. A little key to the whole fabric.

Amanda L. said...

What are you working on from Bend the Rules Sewing? I'm so glad you are enjoying sewing again.

The ONLY time I enjoy ironing is when I'm working on a sewing project. How funny.

Hate the nosebleed for you. That sounds awful.

Love the cheesecake, love singing in small groups.

LOVE selvage. Love those little dots and colors.
Love how alike we are in these ways!

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