Friday, March 06, 2009

Creative Friday

Jill's lookin' stylin' with her sassy new hair!

She came right in today and was down to business immediately -- she was unstoppable.

Eva did projects for a little while, interrupting us constantly. Fortunately, she decided she was ready for her quiet time at 12:15 and then fell asleep! Max had to stay after school today, so with all the peace and quiet we felt like we were really getting away with something.

I was ready to roll with my recipe box this week. Some of the recipes were slightly off from the rest and the whole thing was feeling like a very handmade project -- and not in a good way -- but Jill persuaded me to press on.

At least they looked more unified after stamping them all with Jill's cute cutlery stamp.

The colorful results of her efforts. She corresponds more than anyone else I know.

The perfect way to end the week!


shannon said...

Those recipe cards are the cutest darn things EVER!!! Where does one get a stamper like that?
Are those recipe cards ones that you are just making up for your personal collection or are you working on something different?

Sounds like another happy day!
What a bonus that Eva went down for quiet time earlier than usual...I have trouble concentrating when my kids are mulling around and talking constantly...

Kim Sue said...

Love the recipe cards! Glad you guys had a wonderful day.

Melinda said...

I saw the stamp on Jill's blog and it is the best stamp ever. So cute.

Jill said...

It was so glorious, it's like the Universe handed us the gift of peace and quiet or something.

I think your recipes turned out great even if they're not formatted as perfectly as you'd like them to be. It's such a fantastic gift!

Claudissima said...

ohhh wow, your creative friday sounded glorious. I JUST LOVE THEM! Ohhh serenity, wanted to see more of Jill's hair.....she should practice spt and come up with several fabulous shots! I love love the

Jen said...

those recipe cards are fantastic! so great.

i love that eva had her own little project going!!!

what a great spt. i love jill's new sassy hair!

Amy said...

What a great day. Your recipe cards are darling...and doubly valuable knowing what a good cook you are!

patsy said...

those recipe cards are fantastic!

I love to see the documentation of such lovely creativeness :)

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