Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday thoughts

Some thoughts from church today that resonated with me:

  • Go home and offer this prayer: ask the Lord what you have done today (or not done) that displeased him. Then you will better know why you need to repent. Repeat. (paraphrased from President Eyring)
  • "I struggle with finding the right balance between studying it out in my mind and asking the Lord for guidance and help. So guys, what's the trick?" (fellow class member in Gospel Doctrine -- this totally cracked me up)
  • "If we are focused on trying to please the Lord, we don't really have to worry about trying to thwart Satan." (another fellow class member in Gospel Doctrine)
  • "Few, if any, blessings from God are more valuable to our spiritual health than the reward of peace within. Despite dismal conditions in the world and the personal challenges that come into every life, peace within can be a reality. We can be calm and serene regardless of the swirling turmoil all about us. Attaining harmony within ourselves depends upon our relationship with our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, and our willingness to emulate him by living the principles he has given us." -- Joseph B. Wirthlin


Jill said...

These are great thoughts. Apparently your fellow classmates are amusing and insightful.

Peace is something I am very thankful for. I don't enjoy feeling unsettled or like I'm a part of the world's swirling turmoil, so I never take my feelings of peace for granted.

everything pink said...

That last thought is awesome
When we were serving downtown the pain I felt deep inside for some of those people was really hard. many sleepless nights.
I remember another lady in a ward with lots and lots of money who had plenty herself said to me.
"Do you realize that most of the members in the downtown ward could have all their problems fixed with money. And if all of your problems can be fixed with money that you are living right!"
She shared with me that many of the people in her ward had lots of problems too and they have plenty of money and if they had twice as much that their problems would still be there.
I have never forgotten that lesson and often think of peace when I think about those amazing people. Really all that they were lacking in their lives where places to sleep and food to eat other than that their lives were near perfect because they had a incredible sense of peace and humility.
They were some of the most spiritual healthy people that I have ever met.

Hey i love your obama/michelle photo - I think I may figure out how to do that! it is great!

Denise said...

I especially like the comment about focusing on trying to please the Lord, and that by so doing we don't really have to worry specifically about trying to thwart Satan. Just do good.

shannon said...

That last quote is Amazing!
I'm going to copy it down right now and put it in a prominant place where I can see it every day.

That is such a needed message for these troubled times--for sure!

Robyn said...

I agree with Kristi, that last one is great. I love good quotes- they just speak right to your soul.

Claudissima said...

I just love quotes...and these are amazing. amazing.

Anonymous said...

Your second point has me laughing out loud. Soo funny this morning :)

All great quotes.

amy m said...

I agree having peace in your heart can make all the difference in the world when struggling with something. Its often one of the first things I ask for and am so thankful to receive.

Becky said...

The third thought was definitely my favorite (although I enjoyed them all)!

rmt said...

Sounds like you have some insightful and interesting people in your Sunday School class!

I really loved the quote by Elder Wirthlin. Inner peace is definitely something I am willing to work for.

Crystalyn said...

these are so great michelle. i'm still thinking about one of the last ones you posted about taking it to the Lord...not after you read a book about it, etc. it's so, so true.

Natasha said...

"Ask the Lord what you have done today (or not done) that displeased him. Then you will better know why you need to repent." This sooo speaks to me, Michelle. Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

All of your quotes and comments point ot my daily desire; "turn first to prayer".


Man, I wish I could go to your gospel doctrine class!!

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