Wednesday, February 11, 2009

miscellaneous musings

  • Why do so many contestants on American Idol forget the lyrics to their songs? I know they're nervous. I know a lot of them are young. But come on, they practice for hours and hours, and they only need to remember a portion of a song. Some of them have great voices and then they're disqualified for forgetting their words. It's sad, really.
  • Eva drew a picture and named it Pridiculous Shadow. And now we can't stop saying that.
  • I am really good at procrastination. Really good. I have been meaning to take Max to an orthodontist for almost two years... (I'm not proud of it.)
  • Lately, whenever I am sitting up very straight, I can feel the vertebrae in my spine aligning, almost like they are clicking into place. I can't say that I've ever been aware of my vertebrae before. It's disconcerting.
  • Eva informed us recently that "you can't have a family without a pet!" Although I knew her Aunt Jessie would be proud, I just cannot concur.
  • Why do fevers, earaches, vomiting, etc. so often have a sudden onset in the middle of the night?
  • I really think I might be a hermit, if such a thing is possible in a warm cozy house instead of a remote, chilly cave. Last Sunday at church, a neighbor approached me about doing family search indexing. I've never really had a desire to do family history work, but I'm game for just about anything, if it doesn't require me to leave the house. Do you think I have a problem?


Michelle D. said...

I may have to start saying Pridiculous shadow as well - I am not sure what it means - but it seems appropriate in many circumstances...

amy m said...

I can totally see why they forget the words. I've been in situations before when my mind literally goes blank. It's sad to see. Did any of your favorites make it through? I saw the girl I liked get through, but they didn't say anything about her last night. Should I be worried?

Don't ever let my kids hear what Eva said about animals. I can't have that used against me.

Being a hermit is no problem as far as I'm concerned, unless both of us have the same problem. I've thought about doing the indexing too.

Natasha said...

Pridiculous Shadow - was this on ground hog day?

Diana said...

Pridiculous shadow. Eva cracks me up how does she come up with this stuff.
I agree with the fevers, vomiting etc. Kira threw up 5 times last night from the time she went to bed (7 until about 1 am) and no signs of sickness today. I am glad she's better but why oh why only at night.
I love staying home too. Yesterday when I walked Kira to preschool it was freezing and I thought man I haven't been out of the house forever this is just crazy cold. I love my warm house. AS Jill would say staying in the cozy.

shannon said...

I have to agree with Eva on the whole pet thing :0)...tee hee
I've never felt complete without an animal nearby...isn't it funny how people have such different views on having pets?

I, too, have a case of "hermititis"--I cracked up when you said "if such thing is possible in a warm cozy house rather than a chilly cave."--I don't know what it is...but I hate the thought of leaving my space.
I've often thought that it was because I was a flight attendant for so many years, and lived out of a suitcase that ultimately made me this way...I am such a homebody, now. I've even been dreading going to my bookclub! :(

Jill said...

I think the contestants forget their words because they're so nervous, so sleep deprived and so overwhelmed so their brain just shuts down. It makes me sad for them, but I'm kind of surprised it doesn't happen more often on the show.

Eva's vocabulary and imagination are seriously off the charts!

I can feel my vertebrae do that sometimes and it is highly disconcerting.

According to Eva's theory my household is NOT a family, hmmm. Does a stuffed animal menagerie count?

It's kind of funny that hermits live in cold caves and not cozy houses, we need a new word for you. How does shut-in suit you?

Denise said...

Regarding the pet theory, I would have been on your side before we got Moosey. Now I can't imagine our family without her! She is the perfect perfect pet and we love her to death.

I have you beat on ortho procrastination. I've been meaning to take John for about four years now. . . .

wende said...

i always feel bad for the ones who forget their lyrics. i can relate, i would be a basket of nerves and forget my name if i were on stage in front of simon - no thank you!

i am good at procrastination too, but i hate this about myself!

what is it with the middle of the night sickness? and why is is always the weekend when you have to wait until monday to see your ped? why?

i don't think you're a hermit. and even if you were, why is that a problem? i know a girl who can't stay home, always has to be going somewhere - that is a way worse problem.

i love your miscellaneous lists! they are always so fun to read

April said...

That last one had me smiling. The other day I was out with my sister and we ran into a friend who asked me for my cell phone number. I said, "Just call me at home. My cell phone's never charged." And my sister said, "Plus, she hates to go anywhere, so she's always home." Honestly. I had no idea I was so transparent.

Crystalyn said...

the nerves must be so intense! i do love that show. dave teases about it.

i am your procrastination buddy. i'm sooooo good at it. and once i finally get around to doing something i always wonder why it took me so long because it's never as bad as i thought it would be and i always feel so much better after doing it.

and i hear you about being a hermit. i'm totally content here at home.

Anonymous said...

Forgetting words used to be my biggest fear! I have done numerous plays and musicals and been in singing groups and have never had that problem, but I always was nervous that I would go blank right in the middle of a monologue or something.

Eva is awesome. I don't necessarily agree with her on the pet thing though :)

I am a master procrastinator. I have needed to schedule two appts since before Christmas. I really am putting them off because I hate finding new doctors.

I wish I had more of the homebody tendency. It is nice to have friends like this when you are get up and go like me because it gives you someone to go see!

Susan said...

I'd like to try the hermit club, just for a week! I love to stay home, even if it's to do hard work. Just being home during the day is some kind of an unexpected experience for me. does have quite a fun way of running off the tongue! She's tooooooo funny!

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