Thursday, February 12, 2009

Creative Wednesday

We had Creative Wednesday this week because of school valentine party conflicts. (It was great, but it leaves me feeling slightly bereft today...)

Jill brought me a roll of packing tape because she knew I was almost out. (How did you know I hadn't bought more since the last time you were here?)

She made me some new labels for birthday good mail, and cut them out for me.

In addition, she brought homemade sugar cookies! She spoils me. (And all I had to offer this week was a dumb lunch.)

We both worked on our valentines, so it was probably fortuitous that we got together early this week -- otherwise I may not have finished them on time.

Best quote from the day: Eva was managing to stay awake, yet again, during naptime. She really really needed a nap. I really needed her to take a nap.

M: "I think she may be trying to kill me!"

J: "Whitney's doing it to me one sock at a time..."

She's famous for these one-liners that send me into laughing fits.

Thanks, friend. I needed that.


Melinda said...

I saw a picture of your lunch and it didn't look so dumb. You are selling yourself short with that one.

I can't belelive you made valentines. Wow, i just can't go there yet.

shannon said...

a creative day with a friend...(sigh)

Jill cracked me up today with a quote from her post that she said about Eva..."she was drunk with power!" Is that great or what?!

What did your valentines look like when they were finished?

Marie said...

What a great day! Such wonderful projects, conversations, and treats!

everything pink said...

oh ya that "dumb" lunch - i will take some of that any day of the week.

i am loving your creative friday (wednesday) close ups!!
keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, great recap. I love how committed you two are to your weekly fix!

Jill said...

I don't even get a "dumb lunch" most days so I was thrilled with that. I always appreciate you feeding me lunch!

I love that picture of the sugar cookie with a bite out of it!

It was a great day, I'm so glad we didn't let this week slip away from us.

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

She does spoil you.. but I think you spoil her too! A great friendship!

Happy valentine's Day!!

Claudissima said...

now, details like the tape gun, and the cookie, those are the kinds i LOVE. Isn't friendship great!

Jen said...

i like your dumb lunch! :) jill's wit cracks me up- i can't imagine being able to hear it in person. i'd likely pee my pants. :)

Amy said...

I would take a "dumb lunch" from you any day, Michelle (and I geniunely hope to some day!).

Amie said...

Don't you know... any lunch someone else provides is not dumb?!

I love that you guys get together every week no matter what. No matter how the day goes the week is better...

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