Friday, February 06, 2009

Creative Friday

Jill actually emailed me last night to see if I was still on for Creative Friday. Well, let's see, hellish week... yes! Creative Friday sounds like just the ticket!

She brought lunch again today. Totally unauthorized, because I had a lunch plan, but she didn't want me to go to any effort at all. Awwww.

Check out this card that Jill made. She pulled it out of the archives -- she made it years ago! -- and it hasn't lost an ounce of cuteness. Seriously. (Then she said, "Remember when we used to stamp?")

Jill was staging a photo of our hands pointing to the Cadbury chocolates we were enjoying via Jen M. Just as the camera clicked, Eva reached in. Such a good capture and much more accurate, really.

Eva kept bringing us "tea" in the tiniest teacups ever. Jill was a very good sport about it. Lucas kept pleading for her to stop, and that he could not possibly drink one more cup of pretend tea.

Jill cut these labels for me -- while sitting across from me -- and I never even noticed! She presented me with a new bag of labels after she finished. I feel a little foolish.

I got some good mail ready to go out, so pleasing. Eva made a card and added it to the stack.

Quote of the day: we were talking about Paul McKenna, who uses self-hypnosis techniques to help people lose weight. We were debating the merits of this technique and our willingness to subject ourselves to it, when Jill said, "I'm okay with maggots." It was enough to send me into a coughing spasm.

See! Not every self-portrait turns out well! (Eva wanted to get in on the action and we took this one at the end of the day, hmmm....)


Jill said...

It's disturbing to see such large photos of myself.

I'm just relieved Eva could fit her tiny bum on the step in-between us since we've been fearing we were getting too big to fit!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

It would be interesting to see the way your creations have evolved over the years, Michelle. That Besty card is so darling.

Jill drinking out of that tiny teacup is a classic shot. Aren't you glad your mom reminded you to stay with pretend liquids?

What a stack of good-mail. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Jill with that tiny cup :)

What a great day! I know the feeling of having a week like yours and then someone asking if I was still up for whatever fun thing on Friday. Um, yeah. Usually the thought of it is what kept me sane that week!

Kim Sue said...

love that stack of good mail :o)

patsy said...

that good mail stack is fantastic!

I'm wondering about that book myself... but hate to spend one more dime on a no good/i'm not going to do it anyway/ diet book- if you know what I mean?

I'm so glad you had creative Friday! Especially after such a week-

Susan said...

Jill and the cup---WAY cute!

Eva's hand, WAY cute!

Good mail, WAY cool!

All in all, I'd say it was a WAY cool day.

shannon said...

That picture of Jill and the tiny tea cup needs to be framed!

What do you mean not every self portrait turns out well...that one is no exception! You guys look great!--
That's a "taco amigo glow" if I ever saw one! :)

Alisa said...

My favorite photo is of Ava's sneaky hand. Love the planed and candidness of the shot!
I also love your creative friday's- I keep telling myself that I need to set aside some time to do that myself.

Claudissima said...

love love love your creative the last picture and the goodness of the mail!

Claudissima said...

love love love your creative the last picture and the goodness of the mail!

amy m said...

I remember when we use to stamp. What happened to those days?

I saw Jill's post on this, but failed to see her sipping from the cute tea set. It's so tiny.

It's also good to see Eva in the self portrait as we all know she plays a big part on creative day. She is so cute.

Natasha said...

Cute sp and the pink green card is such a great color combo!

Natasha said...
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