Saturday, November 01, 2008

putting October to bed

I had to wear a costume to our ward Halloween party. The YM/YW put on a carnival for the Primary kids. This was the best I could throw together at the last minute, just a cape from our dress-up box, a hat I borrowed from Heidi, and a little extra makeup. Yeah, I'm fun that way.
Sadly, my kids were excited about this meager effort, because I usually don't do anything at all.

We had face painting, cookie decorating, "fishing" for prizes, a smashing spook alley that the Deacons put together, and even a photo station, complete with professional lighting equipment. Eva had a blast being part of the Primary before her time, since she had to come with me.

This picture of my little pumpkin (aka mean dragonfly) walking down the steps to preschool just tickled me. I love kids in costumes.

This was the best shot I got of all the kids together. It's what happens when multiple people are taking pictures at the same time. (Mom, Dad, and Grandma & Grandpa who came to see them in costume.) Max wore his false moustache to school and then decided he couldn't take it anymore. Too bad, it was hilarious.

Sibling love makes me melt. So tender.

Lucas and Eva jack-o-lanterns.

Max, Marc, and Lucas jack-o-lanterns. Love that Jack Skellington!

My pumpkin was carved over a week in advance (at YW) and had seen better days by the time we lit it last night.

Max and Lucas trick-or-treating at our cute neighbors' house. Eva opted to ride in the stroller again this year. I can't decide if that was a good or bad choice. On the one hand, it required either her brothers to pick up her candy for her, or for the homeowners to step down and put a treat in her bag. On the other, she didn't get tired out and there was no complaining from her. In fact, she never wanted to quit! She kept saying she wanted to "trick-or-treat a billion!". We didn't do a billion, but we did stay out for almost two hours. Lucas tired before Eva did (of course, he didn't have a ride).

We came back and Marc took the boys out a little longer. Eva had a couple of her treats and was giddy and giggly about the whole experience.

Max and Lucas's loot, after the sorting. I have fond memories of the sorting. Lucas showed Eva how to do it this morning, and she's already done it three times.

The kids had a great Halloween. Marc and I, however, are bemoaning the fact that we haven't watched any scary movies, as per tradition. Perhaps it's not too late.

In other news, I wrapped up the juicing project early this week and got everything cleaned and order restored. Just carrying them all down to the garage proved to be somewhat of a workout!

We had a record yield this year. When I realized that we will be in Paris next Fall, and therefore unable to profit from our grape harvest, I pushed myself to pick all I could this year. It paid off -- 34 quarts! My previous record was 24 (or maybe 25).

I was talking with a neighbor who also makes grape juice. She told me that she did 45 quarts, and then she dilutes them by half, so it ends up costing her only $.50 a bottle (she buys her grapes)! I consider it something akin to sacrilege to dilute the juice with water. I don't even like to drink it with ice, to eliminate all diluting possibilities. To each his own, I guess.

October seemed to zoom by, but now that it's November, it feels right. Holiday-ish. I like it.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

The sorting and bargaining of loot (there were ten of us kids so lots of bargaining opportunities) is a favorite memory of mine as well, Michelle. A favorite smell is all of those candies mixed with an apple and popcorn ball thrown in for good measure. The apples were always mellow, it's not like I liked them, it just gave a Halloween smell to the bag.

What? You don't dilute grape juice? Oh my. You're stout. Your tastebuds are good and hardy not washed out like mine.

Jill said...

I think your Witch-look turned out pretty cool, Heidi's hat-with-hair packs a punch.

I love seeing Eva in the pumpkin costume and can't believe Whitney was ever small enough to wear it too! You got some good mileage out of that costume.

That Jack Skellington pumpkin is awesome! Wow, wow, wow.

The sorting of the candy was always a highlight for me too. Whitney was sorting hers last night by shape...what the??

I agree that's it's sacrilege to dilute the grape juice! It's so good the way it is, but seems like it would be bland if diluted.

patsy said...

I am seriously impressed with the grape juice! I've always wanted to do that, but I don't have grapes.

GREat costumes & jack-o-lanterns! This has been the best fall

It feels holidayish to me too. I am already getting excited for Thanksgiving- me husband's favorite holiday :)

lelly said...

i think you look smashing!!

i don't know where i would even store 34 quarts of juice!

Denise said...

My mouth is watering just looking at all those quarts of grape juice--how satisfying for you!

Eva--I mean Blue Bug--sure looks cute in her round, orange mean dragonfly costume with a stem on her head. Yours is great, too! Remember, I've got a great Cruella cape and wig in my stash (and plenty of princess costumes when Eva gets older).

I wish I would have remembered to get a picture of Sarah and her friends sorting their candy last night. It was fun to listen to their bargaining process.

Natasha said...

I want to hear more about this Paris next fall! Will you be home schooling there? Sounds exciting!!

I love your white jack-o-lantern. I bought one white pumpkin this year and I think it's my favorite.

charlotte said...

Looks like a fun Halloween!! And November does feel right--I'm ready for holiday fun! I think your costume was great, and your kids are just adorable (well I guess I should say that Max and Lucas are handsome and manly--no boy wants to be called adorable).

Kim Sue said...

wonderful Halloween photos - and you look darling in your witch's hat!

Susan said...

Jack Skellington! Way cute.

Blue bug does look pretty dang cute! Riding in the stroller, sweet!

The boys look darling and old.

I'm sure Jill likes the spider on your face! The photo is really cute. I hate dressing up for Halloween and haven't done it for years.....

The grape juice gives me pleasure to look at! I love grapejuice, but I think it's too many points!!
I will still have to taste it when we come.

Great recap and I love being in the know of what's happening! I agree, it's officially Holiday-ish! Ditto. I like it.

Erin said...


Is your cute neighbor my cousin Tracy Wimmer? That front door looks familiar!!!

Oh my, and my mom lives on 1000E. I am so inviting myself over for a creative friday!!!! I'll bring the sonic drinks!

Am I right?

carlo said...

fantastic on the costume adn the juice! wow!!! i am impressed.

Amy W. said...

My kids thought I was so lame for not dressing up this year--good job for making a go of it! The children look darling. And I am blown away by your 34 quarts. AMAZING!

April said...

My parents used to grow grapes and we'd do grape juice every fall...there is just no end to Utah goodness.

Loved your Halloween wrap-up...I'm fun like that too.

Robyn said...

Your grape juice canning is very impressive. I agree with the diluting being a sacrilege but with the amount my kids drink juice, I might have to go with your neighbor!

I'm with you on the costume.

The kids look adorable. Really, really adorable. I love Eva and the 'mean dragonfly'. She's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

34 quarts?!?! Save your jars and I will happily juice your grapes next year for you. I love doing it. We like it straight up over here as well, but mix it with 7-UP sometimes for dinner. So good.

The pumpkins turned out fantastic- I love the Jack one.

Your costume is great, last minute or not! I love that green hat on Eva too, such a good idea.

I agree that October zoomed its way through, now it feels oh so right. Slowed down and all.

Laurie said...

Your witch costume is great!

I'm entirely impressed with your grape juice. Wow.

Barb said...

I love all the siblings dressed up together. Not all my kids trick-or-treat any more so I miss the group photo now.
The juicing is amazing. I am sure that you will have somebody happy to enjoy your grapes next year.

wende said...

that grape juice is fantastic! how wonderful for your family to enjoy such a treat. i can't believe anyone would water it down!

all your costumes looked great and pumpkins too, what creativity swims through your home!

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