Monday, November 03, 2008

I'm a slave to the list.

The last few days have been the kind where I feel like I don't get anything done on my to-do list, and I am left feeling like I didn't accomplish much at all. Maybe my to-do lists are too long. Well, I know they are. But still. I want to do all those things. What's a girl to do?

I haven't taken very many photos. Or done my Fall yardwork. Or finished cleaning out the garage. Or finished the gratitude journals for my Laurels. Or vacuumed out my car. Or mopped my floors. Or any number of other things...

I need to make myself feel better, so to that end, here's what I've done the last three days:

Made a pencil holder for Whitney for her baptism. As a first attempt, it wasn't too bad, but it is definitely a galloping-horse type of project (i.e. don't look too closely).

{cute photo by amy m.}

Attended Whitney's baptism. It was a sweet service and I was so glad that we could be there. I was glad that Eva could see what a baptism was all about, as I found it somewhat difficult to explain ahead of time.

After the service, Whitney came up to me, unsolicited, to give me a hug. I love that girl.

I monopolized Jill a bit afterwards by sitting and chatting with her in her adirondack chairs. The weather was perfect and it felt so good to just sit.

{good thing I finally painted my toes, eh?}

Enjoyed the rain all Saturday night and Sunday. That is, until I discovered that it had flooded my laundry room. More laundry.

Tried one of the simpler hairdos on the She Does Hair blog for Eva on Sunday (lattice ponytails). This just confirmed yet again that I am really not good at styling hair, but it still looked kind of cute, also in a galloping-horse kind of way.

Took a nap.

Made the teriyaki chicken on Amy S.'s food blog. Delicious! A smashing success, and I will definitely be making my own teriyaki sauce from now on. A definite do-over.

Made sugar cookies, because I have been yearning to do it ever since I saw Amy S. made pumpkin ones on her regular blog. They were strangely disappointing, especially considering how much work they are to make. However, they taste better today. Is this a universal trait of sugar cookies?

Went to Costco. It's not so much the Costco shopping that kills me as the putting everything away. Finding space in the freezer, dividing up items between the pantry and the garage, reorganizing the fridge, and then realizing that I now actually have to make jam with all those raspberries that I bought...

Took Max to his cello lesson.

Ran to Target and found a fabulous pair of patent red heels on clearance for $23.00. They are actually wide enough for my crazy feet! And, although I am not supposed to wear heels anymore, they are way cute and I think will be okay for the occasional church wearing. I hope.

Returned to have Max's teacher tell me that he is doing great -- he is one song away from finishing level 2 in Suzuki and passed off several pieces in his etude book just by sight-reading! I'm telling you, practicing an hour or two every day really pays off. I'm so impressed with his dedication and the progress he has made in just over a year.

Took the boys to get their hair cut. Finally! Now they don't look like it's crazy hair day every day. They were even having a sale, so it only cost me $18 total, including tips. Oh yeah, baby.

Spray-painted my pumpkins. I even came up with an innovation this year! But you'll have to wait, because I have plans to turn them into my new banner, if I can get a decent shot tomorrow.

Played another game of Catan with the boys. And immediately started a new one.

Finished reading The Secret Journal of Brett Colton. A sweet book that my YW highly recommended. But I am happy to be moving on to A Town Like Alice.

Had Family Home Evening. Lucas was in charge and so we all worked on a project that he brought home from school today. That's right, the Family Turkey Project. Who knew?

And now I am going to put myself to bed. I wonder how many things on my list I can accomplish tomorrow? Or what unexpected things that will crop up that I can later add to my list so I can cross them off...?


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh my goodness. Toss the list if you can get that kind of stuff done! It's fun to hear your day-to-day workings, Michelle.

lelly said...

the *list of things accomplished* should give you all sorts of satisfaction (and NOT in a galloping horse sort of way...)

Jill said...

Wow, you got a ton of stuff done, I'm super impressed. Even though I love carefree days at home, I also love ultra productive days too.

The pencil case you made for Whitney is darling. She loves it! Thanks for making that for her and for coming to the baptism, playing the piano, helping with the food, hanging out to talk and on and on.

You forgot to mention that you had a blogger sighting at Costco, isn't that the second time you've been spotted?

patsy said...

Oh I feel your pain- the list- I do the same thing...
we are different though because
you are getting so much done anyway!!!!

love the pencil holder & family turkey- red shoes seem so right for you. I hope they work out!

obviously your priorities are in order because that stuff you did get done is way better than having a vac. car-

Hannah said...

I am this way! I write out a big list and end up adding and crossing things off that I ended up getting done instead of just biting the bullet and doing the list. You got a ton done- I like what Patsy said about your priorities!

Amy said...

I'm so glad you liked the teriyaki's a keeper at my house, for sure. I'm also ultra-impressed with all you accomplished in a day!

amy m said...

You've been a busy girl in the last three days. That is quite a list. I think I need to make a list like this so I can prove to myself that I actually get stuff done.

I love the pencil holder you made for whitney. Such a great idea for budding artist.

It was fun to see you Saturday.

carlo said...

love the pencil holder.

i love the feeling of checking things off the list. i know what you mean about unexpected things popping up-- do you ever write those down just to mark them off?

i have!

Denise said...

Who needs a list when you can accomplish that much without one, I ask?

That pencil case is seriously cute. I need to know the specifics on that one because I think I'll be making some!

Always glad for a new recipe recommendation. I'll have to try it out!

Laurie said...

You did A LOT! It's just not possible to do it all, and I always find it hard to accept that fact.

Lori said...

I love those sandals you had on for Whitney's baptism. I meant to tell you and never did. Very cute.

wende said...

you are super woman! i'm with you though, i love crossing stuff off the list. i've always said that one of my main responsibilities as a mom is being prepared every morning for nothing to go the way i think it will. isn't that the truth?

i'm so glad you got to share whitney's special day with her. and i am dying over your dying pencil holder. you are awesome michelle!

Susan said...

That list is pretty impressive!

But, I like the red shoe vision the most!!

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