Friday, October 31, 2008

five for Halloween Friday

I saw this orange sunrise today! So appropriate for Halloween morning. It was so fleeting, I'm sure I would have missed it if I hadn't had to let the dog out. I guess he is good for some things.

We carved pumpkins last night while watching (or listening to) The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love that show. Marc decided to carve our one white pumpkin into a Jack Skellington face. He was really struggling to get the top off, and when he finally did, we saw why! Check out how thick that is!

I've decided this is one of my favorite sights of Fall -- leaves on the ground. I like them on the grass, I like them piled on sidewalks and pooled in gutters. It almost seems a shame to rake them up! Apparently Eva feels the same way, because when we were out walking today, she asked me to gather up some leaves and throw them in the air above her.

I saw this when I was doing errands today, and I could hardly believe my eyes!

Boo the Little Ghost is history. This week, she's been Blue Bug. She's assigned everyone in her world to be a different color of bug, and she keeps them all straight. So now, in addition to saying, "You mean, Blue Bug?" every time we inadvertently call her Eva (which is frequently), she also corrects us when we call each other by our names. I'll call Max, and she'll say, "You mean, Yellow Bug?" Well, no. I don't mean that, actually. But nothing will convince her otherwise.

She came out of nursery on Sunday with a paper she had colored. They had written Blue Bug on it in place of her name. When I picked her up from preschool yesterday, I heard a couple of her classmates saying, "Bye, Blue Bug!"... She can be very persuasive.

And today, we went to do some errands after going to see the costume parade at Lucas's school. Several people stopped her and complimented her on her cute pumpkin costume. She corrected them all, saying, "I'm a mean dragonfly." Er, of course.


Jill said...

That sunrise is gorgeous! I'm don't see many of those.

The inside of that white pumpkin looks like cheese! Weird.

I love all the leaves on the ground and have no intention of raking them up any time soon.

I have been surprised about the lower gas prices as well, I actually saw $2.62 today! Plus I had been giddy when I filled up the other day and it was $2.77.

I'm honored to be known as Pink Bug!

Amie said...

I noticed that same pretty sunrise this morning but didn't run for my camera.

Fall is just good...

I noticed on my way home today that gas was $2.57 and $3.25 for diesel... I hope it keeps falling and stays down!

lelly said...

happy halloween!

(i saw gas for $2.54 today. i can't wait until i can say i saw gas for $1.35!!)

Susan said...

I was wondering what in the world you were doing up at that time of morning!!! Drat that dog!

I'm wondering what name I will be assigned when we come for Christmas!!

I love the fall as well (see my post, or intended one.....) and today while on the way to NYC to find Christmas trees for the Penthouse, I saw gas for $2.38!! I didn't need any, but was sooooo tempted to get a drop anyway!!

Have you ever tried to cook anything with those casper pumpkins??? I want to see the end result!

melanie said...

Fall is just all around good. The leaves, the temp. I just love it. The sunrise is gorgeous and like Jill, I hardly ever see them. I should make a point to but not until babies quit waking me up.

Not bragging but gas tonight on the way home from festivities had dropped to $2.29!! I cannot believe it. We were as high as $4.40. I am giddy over the over $2 drop. I feel like I can buy something else besides gas, ha!

Eva is so endearing. I love all you have written down about her. She'll have so much fun reading about Boo the Little Ghost and Blue Bug one day. I love her persuasive ways too.

Elizabeth said...

I posted our orange Halloween sky. Yours is beautiful.

carlo said...

wow, that is a stunning pic of the sky! good job.

and i wonder where miss blue bug gets her creative mind??? :)

love the ever-changing names...

amy m said...

what a beautiful sunrise. I'm sad I missed it.

I love seeing all the fall leaves on the ground, but i don't love the smell when they get wet. I was outside watching my kids Halloween parade yesterday and the leaves smelt sort of moldy. what's that about?

I love seeing how low gas prices have come. At first I was thinking that "Hip Hip Horray" sign was for the should have been.

Denise said...

What a great picture for a Halloween post! Good job, Jack, for getting you up.

Like Jill, I thought that the pumpkin was some sort of cheese, at first glance.

I bought gas for $2.23/gallon today--top that!

charlotte said...

That sunrise was gorgeous! I saw the tail end of it when I walked up to campus at 7:45 in the morning--spooky enough for Halloween! And Eva's names for herself as hilarious. Blue bug--ha! I, too, love the leaves on the ground--it's just so fallish!

April said...

I'm dying about the gas prices down here too.

And your Eva is a scream.

And what my kids would give for some of those leaves.

I think you're amazing for catching a sunrise...maybe I ought to try getting up in time for one as well.

Laurie said...

What a beautiful sunrise. I'm laughing about the dog being good for something....

I agree with you about the leaves. It seems that when they get raked up it leaves things just looking too stark.

wende said...

great photographs! i love that eva keeps changing her name, blue bug is perfect for her!

every time i drive past our local gas station i feel a little giddy. it's about damn time.

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