Tuesday, November 04, 2008

spt -- election day

I went over to the elementary school this morning around 10:00 to vote. This is the fifth presidential election I've been eligible to vote for, and you can bet I have voted each time.

My arrival was perfectly timed, because the fifth graders were congregated in the gym, singing their Hope of America songs for all of the voters. I tried several times to get some good video, but people kept walking in front of me or talking loudly. So just imagine, if you will. Never has voting been so festive! It was definitely a party atmosphere. The excitement was tangible, electric.

I'm amazed that I don't have to show i.d. to get my voter access card. All they required was my signature in the poll book -- in pencil, no less! That seemed strange.

After about a 10-minute wait, I was shown to a voting machine. (You can't even call these booths, anymore. They don't actually afford privacy.)

I was just so happy to be able to participate in this historic election.

Can you believe they had already run out of the "I Voted" stickers by 10:00? I was told our polling location is the busiest in the county. So this was the best I could do.

When I picked Eva up from preschool, I discovered she had been learning about voting. They had a "ballot" involving their favorite treats, favorite animals, and favorite activities.

It's good to know she has a platform.

*Lucas just informed me that his school had a mock election today, complete with voting booths. The results:

McCain: 511
Obama: 2 (one of which was Lucas)

That's living in Utah for you.

Happy election day!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

It's never occurred to me to count up presidential elections I've participated in...good idea. I was too young for Carter/Ford but did participate in Carter/Reagan and have from there on out, so that makes 8 counting this one.

I thought Blue Bug's platform was very impressive--maybe even sway-worthy?

Did you read Hannah's post about being a lone donkey in a herd of elephants? It made me laugh and I'm going to remember that beings I'm a lone elephant in a donkey state.

Happy Election Day to you, too, Michelle.

Sarah said...

This was my 4th election, and I haven't missed one yet, and hopefully never will. I too could not believe that I.D. was not required. I even already had mine out. I am very impressed that you took pictures while voting. When I arrived to vote and saw their were no booths, I felt self-conscience and put mine away. Good for you!

carlo said...

wow-- REALLY on lucas' election?

love the pics of you -- very impressive and brave!!

and of blue bug. so fun that you have that documented.

i am amazed by the all out rally at your school. that is great!

we didn't have school today- b/c of security worries after 911 our kids the day off for election day.

voter id cards, eh? we have to show drivers license.

Denise said...

I'm so impressed by your awesome blogging skills--look at you, taking pictures in the voting arena! I went to my polling place at 7:40 a.m. and was home by 8. We didn't have real booths either, and had a fill-in-the-circle-with-ball-point-pen ballots. What's up with that? Why is every polling place so different in the way in which they take your vote? Weird.

Was the singing distracting? I think it's kind of cute and kind of funny/odd at the same time.

I wore my "I Voted" sticker all day long!

TX Girl said...

The mock election results CRACK ME UP. 2.. 2. You have to be kidding me. Oh and listen that has everything to do with Utah County :).

I can't believe they didn't make you show identification. They are waaay too trusting. I actually know some parents that thought about voting for their son.

Y'all had a lot more presidential candidates- we only had 3 groups-- Republican, Democrat, Libertarian (not to be confused with librarian).

Amy said...

I love that so much is done at some schools to teach (even in small, blue bug-worthy ways) the meaning of having your vote. Your fancy voting system has me in awe. Ours was basic booths and driver's licenses.

You've got to love that your Lucas is brave enough to stand on his own in the school vote!

Lene said...

What a festive voting atmosphere. i feel like i really missed out by voting by mail.

Holly said...

I enjoyed your recap of your election day. What timing for your arrival while they were singing--and fancy voting card. Mine is a postcard.

I was surprised as well that they did not ask for my ID, I just signed the notebook. Sadly, they were not giving out stickers at our polling place.

It's wonderful that so many schools held mock elections today too.

amy m said...

I was amazed I didn't have to show my id as well. I did have to give my address, but why doesn't that sound like enough?

The booths cracked me up. I kept hoping it was like trying to see on someones lap top (at a certainly angle you can't see the screen), but then again, what do I care if someone sees who I vote for.

You should have said, 'that's living in Utah county'. Where I'm from it was obama in the elementary school who won by a long shot...and I'm sure by the adults too.

marc said...

I am totally voting for Blue Bug when she runs for President. Yes she can!

Elizabeth said...

wow I can't believe the Obama 2 vote well I can but still

Jeanette said...

Great post! cute mock election outcome.

crystal said...

Blue Bug had me at Important Things. But then when I saw "Good Things," I knew she'd be my candidate of choice.

I'm changing my "I Heart Sarah" shirt to "I Heart Blue Bug."

Good for your cute boy for sticking to who he believes in! You've got such cute kids.

I like that I have a grand total of 7 liberal friends. Wow! Look at me!

Jill said...

Your pictures look so nice. I took a picture of my voting card too, but wasn't sure if photos were frowned upon with the actually voting machine or not so I chickened out. Our "booths" were so close together I could have easily seen what the people next to me were voting for. Lame.

I also couldn't believe they didn't need ID, what's up with that.

rebecca said...

Yeah for voting! I am IN SHOCK about your son's "practice" election. My daughter's class had the opposite results, and one of the 7-yr-olds said she was voting for McCain because he had white skin. Hello, parents?

Laurie said...

I love how you got that great photo of the electronic ballot. That is a piece of history right there.

patsy said...

Love the photos! I wish I would've taken a picture of the presidential choices- great idea!

I am voting for blue bug for sure next time!!!

Alison said...

I love you and Lucas and America!


rmt said...

I have loved reading everyone's 'voting' posts! I just love the whole spirit that comes with election day.

What a great idea to have kids sing patriotic songs during the vote! I really like that.

Oh, and the elementary school vote is just sad. Seriously.

Eva is so cute.

Kelly said...

Your new blog header is lovely! You're a wonder with pumpkins!

Your voting does seem so sophisticated! We did have to show photo ID, but then to vote we had to draw a line with a marker between two arrows for whatever we were voting for. It was a little weird.

Emerson's class had an election and every single kid voted for McCain because he was from Arizona. I'm a little suspicious of some coaching from the teacher though -- every kid? Including MINE?

Diana said...

love this post. I love your comment on Jessie's election post. I feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR BANNER! Oh man that is awesome. AWESOME!

The singing kids would be so cool. I have always thought it weird that we don't have to show our ID or registration card- nothing!

Eva is so funny. Is she coming over on Friday???

And the school thing is just sad in a funny way :)

Lori said...

That's funny because at Bella and Tess' school they all voted for Obama. I think it's because of all that "diversity" that Amy is always telling us that Salt Lake County has!

Barb said...

That is interesting about the mock election. Alberta is very conservative (for Canada) but the school mock elections tend to go more liberal which says a lot about how caring children are for underpriviledged and the environment. Maybe Utah Jr High mock elections say that parents discuss their politics with their children.

lelly said...

my father came by for coffee after he voted, and shared that he has never missed an election since he was old enough to vote. what a fantastic record!

when i was in elementary school, we had a "mock vote" using a drawing of the voting booth. that's back when they actually were booths, with knobs that had to be manually turned.

i still find it odd that i don't have to show ID to vote...

rebecca said...

I'm back to say - LOVE your new header!!!

wende said...

your gold pumpkins are absolutely stunning! gorgeous header!

i love eva's campaign creed - i would definitely vote for her and not just because she's so dang cute!

Susan said...

Wwll, voting in the East was crazy! I got there at about 7:30 and waited in line (cold and drizzly) for 1.75 hours! We had booths with "drapes"!

No "I voted" to be seen.

Dad was out of town, so I read my latest copy of the Ensign while waiting.

No id of any kind required.I guess anyone could say they were me and had my address!!

Blue Bug gets my vote!

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