Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gratitude Week -- Thursday

{Thanksgiving 2006}

Today I am grateful for being included.

Practically from the time Marc and I started dating, his family encircled me and made me one of their own.

His parents have ever treated me as a daughter, not a dreaded daughter-in-law. His sister Michelle graciously gave her name over to me, just two days after she got married herself.

They taught me that extended family is just that -- an extension, an enlargement of family.

Being included is a wonderful thing.


Natasha said...

Well said, Michelle!

carlo said...

such lovely thoughts

Hannah said...

This is so perfectly written and I couldn't have said it better myself.

Jill said...

Marc's parents are truly one of a kind. I don't their loving kindness can be believed until it is witnessed.

It still touches me that Mim is the only person who sent me a note of condolence when I had my miscarriage. I wasn't expecting anything from anyone, so her note was particularly touching.

Marie said...

That is a beatiful sentiment. I share initials with two sister-in-laws, but I can't imagine sharing a whole name!

rmt said...

What a blessing to have such wonderful inlaws!

I have really enjoyed your gratitude posts this week.

I must say, you have two very handsome sons!

Diana said...

That is such a blessing. I agree with Rachelle your boys are very handsome.
Happy Thanksgiving!

crystal said...

What a beautiful post.

And I was thinking what handsome boys they were, too, and then read the same thing twice in your comments. It must be true.

Please can we arrange a marriage w/ one of them to Isabelle, age 8???

rebecca said...

"Being included" - how perfectly perfect!

wende said...

my in-laws are very much like this, i have always felt like i was just part of the family. i was especially nervous bringing three little kids into the family, i hate that "step" word, it's just so ugly. they never treated my kids like "steps" and i will be forever grateful.

i especially love that they (and my parents) have taught me how to be good in-laws when my own kids get married. to have my future in-law kids feel accepted like this is really a big dream of mine.

great post michelle - and by the way, of course they love you! who wouldn't love a daughter like you!

Michelle D. said...

I agree whole heartedly with Wende - to know you is to love you! I am grateful Heavenly Father brought you into my life!

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