Friday, November 28, 2008

Gratitude Week -- Friday

Today I am grateful for Creative Friday.

When I'm having a bad week, looking forward to Creative Friday gets me through. And interestingly, when I'm having a good week, I still always end up feeling that, "oh yes. I really needed that." So apparently Creative Friday is a panacea even when I hadn't known I'd needed one!

This week we had Creative Wednesday. That means we had 5 kids, 1 large, spastic dog, and even 1 husband who was unexpectedly home. We started out with such chaos, we weren't sure we'd be able to recover. But then it turned into one of our best C.F.'s ever -- certainly the longest! The kids walked down to the park, pulling Eva in the wagon, and Marc went to do errands. Eva had a nap, Marc went out for a belated birthday celebration with some friends, and all the kids were having such a great time that we pressed on until 9:30 p.m.! We had panini for lunch and dinner.

Jill's new markers, so pleasing.

Jill corresponding, a most familiar and comforting sight.

working on my tiny stockings for an advent tree

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Jill was dreading going home and making her Thanksgiving pies, so we decided to do it together and eliminate the stress. (this is her chocolate custard cooling in an ice bath)

pensive with aprons (we have not even begun to exhaust the possibilities)


Jill said...

It was a day that started out iffy and ended up being great! I left there feeling so delighted and relieved to have the pies done and to have regrouped with you. It was definitely one of those days when we're really in sync and do the two-mom thing with ease. Thanks!

Natasha said...

That is my fave SP of you 2 yet! If I had Fridays like the ones you and Jill have, I'd for sure be grateful for them too! My craft night falls this Thursday and I am giddy already - and we only meet every other month.

charlotte said...

I'm loving the word "panacea."

crystal said...

You are the only person, outside the pages of a book, that I've ever heard use "panacea" in real life.

I love words!

crystal said...

Good Heavens. Your house looks like Santa's Workshop.

And so. Your advent tree is idea #3 I am swiping from you! (#1: gratitude journals; #2: FHE jar.)

The pensive apron photo is frame-worthy.

crystal said...

One more thing! Your "Mr. McFeeley" comment on jill's post made me giggle & giggle!

carlo said...

how do i love the CF process and the marathon you had this week. Inspiring.

Love the aprons. And your comment about possibilities!

I am trying to gather some crafty gals but having a hard time of it. My Daisy Scout co-leader is crafty so we are having fun with it.

rebecca said...

I always love hearing about your creative Friday adventures!

wende said...

yay for creative friday and yay for girlfriends! i especially love that you guys can just decide on a whim to make pies together to elminate stress. this is no small thing!

rmt said...

I always enjoy reading about Creative Fridays. How comforting to have that to look forward to and depend on every week.

Love, love, LOVE that SP!

Amanda :-) said...

Haha! That last image conjures up so much. Be very afraid! Hahaha!

I've got to use my sewing machine in 2009. It's just a joke. Keep inspiring me like that :-)

Kim Sue said...

love your macro shots like the red-headed pins in their little box

amy m said...

You are grateful for them and I am jealous. Such a great way to spend a friday.

Can't wait to see the advent calendar. We just got done adding the candy to ours.

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