Monday, January 01, 2007

ring out the old, ring in the new

Kristi's new year posts inspired me to reflect on what I'm saying goodbye to in the old year, as well as what I'm looking forward to in the new one.

First the goodbyes:
  • goodbye to RSV -- hopefully forever!!
  • goodbye to nights of having to get up 8-10 times (whew!)
  • goodbye to nursing babies
  • goodbye to the aspens in our backyard
  • goodbye to the grass in our backyard :(
  • goodbye to my baby's infancy
  • goodbye to 1/2 of our new carpet fund
  • goodbye to my hermit tendencies (OK they're still there, but at least now I can reach out from the comfort of my own home -- thanks to blogging!)
  • goodbye to the security of thinking maybe I would never have to serve in Cub Scouts
  • goodbye to film & negatives
  • goodbye to our dream vacation home in South Carolina
  • goodbye to the olive green color of our bedroom
  • goodbye to Marc's old '88 Civic!!
  • goodbye to my credit card balances -- hooray!
  • goodbye to carrying around so much excess weight
  • goodbye to the craziest December ever
  • goodbye to my very long, too thick hair
  • I wish I could say goodbye to night terrors, but Lucas just had another one tonight...

and now the hellos:
  • hello to making exercise and controlling my food addiction my #1 priority
  • hello to being more consistent with Family Home Evening
  • hello to drastically thinned, more manageable hair!
  • hello to our new serene gray-blue bedroom
  • hello to getting the boys to practice piano nearly every day
  • hello to figuring out how to deal with my uber-perfectionist son
  • hello to figuring out how to get Eva to eat -- something, anything!
  • hello to acquiring the urge to purge (my home, that is)
  • hello to getting our house organized before we go to Paris
  • hello to 8 weeks in Paris with 3 kids!
  • hello to making time for reading again
  • hello to eating fruit (I always forget)
  • hello to scrapbooking again
  • hello to finally getting my sewing machine in working order
  • hello to living within our means

I'm trying not to be discouraged about how many of the struggles I'm facing in the new year are the same as the ones I faced at the beginning of 2006, and 2005... The thing is, I love the beginning of a new year. I love a fresh start, and I'm feeling optimistic about being able to bring about change for the better.


Alison said...

One of my things for the New Year was no TV/no computer after 10:30 because I am always finding myself awake at 1am being like, "Wha' happened?" And yet last night, I was sitting there at my lap top at 11:00pm finishing up my list of goals for'07. Does that count as breaking my own rules? I'm a hot mess.

PS That picture was taken on Valentine's Day last year.

Amy said...

Good list, Michelle. It's fun to read everyone's lists. I especially love your goodbye list, and that most of the things on it are milestones for your, your family, and your children. Yes, they are things that will never happen again, but they are accomlishments. Then there is the obviosu exception of goodbye to 1/2 of the new carpet fund, but I hope that we replenished somewhat at Christmas.

Here's to a good year! I hope it truly is your year!

Liz said...

I like your lists! I feel good about this new year! I think it will be a good one for everyone that starts it and finishes it with a good attitude! It sounds like you've got a good attitude, so here's to a good year!

Jill said...

I think Kristi's idea of saying goodbye to some things and hello to new ones is brilliant. I'm glad you made such a list. Perhaps we all should.

Kelly said...

I like your lists! I, too, am excited about the fresh start the new year brings. I am disturbed by one of your goodbye's though -- the security of thinking you'd never have to serve in cub scouts. I have 4 girls, and I am in no way a scouty type girl, and so I have lulled myself into this security, too. It sends panic through my heart to know that this was one of your 2006 goodbyes!

amy m said...

I loved Kristi's idea as well and have plans to do a layout that way. I enjoyed reading your list and know you are able to reach all of your goals.

P.S. When you've figured out how to get Eva to eat make sure to pass it on.

Tasha said...

Great list Michelle! When do you leave for Paris?

Diana said...

What a great list of "hellos" I hope you are able to accomplish most if not all of them!

rebecca said...

I loved your hello's and your goodbye's, too. I most enjoyed your conclusion - the feeling of optimism and confidence seem to come to me, too, though I may have tugs of regret or frustration lingering around, as well. I love starting fresh as well - I wish you the best of luck this year! Yeah to forward steps!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

great list Michelle! I loved reading it and empathizing with part of it and seeing your personality in other parts.

Jenny said...

Living with in our means is one I should add to mine. Great list! I always enjoy the goodbyes and hellos. Happy New year!

pam said...

I love your hello/goodbyes lists and what a great way to reflect on the things that you want to accomplish and the things you have accomplished. Hooray for you.

pam said...

I had to scroll back through to find a picture of your new hair, too cute, I love it and you look amazing!!

Laurie said...

I too love the fresh start despite the irritation of having to work o the same goals that I've struggled with in the past. Here's to a year of lots of happy moments and successes!

Amie said...

I really like the hello/good bye lists. I may have to copy another idea. Excellent lists!

Kristi Brooke said...

so beautiful! well said my friend

TX Girl said...

Great list. It really reflects what a strong woman you are.. especially braving Paris w/ 3 kids.

I keep putting off making mine, because I know I need to be critical in my list this year. Maybe next week :)

Chanel said...

I love your list and I love your new hair!
8 weeks in Paris with 3 kids sounds like so much fun (busy, but fun).

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