Thursday, January 04, 2007

good mail, good gifts

Hooray for the return of good mail!

Lara sent me the cutest file folders with maps of Paris, extra metro tickets, a stamp from India, and some of her homemade bath tea bags. Even through the paper sack they smell soooo good, I can't wait to take a bath!

Stefanie sent me these personalized notecards. I love anything personalized, I love the scalloped cards, and I love that the envelopes already have my return address on them! Thanks, Stefanie, what an unexpected treat.

We had book club last night, and some of us (me included) gave our Christmas gifts a little late. You should have seen all the wrapping paper strewn about and the bounty of gifts! It was like another little Christmas just between us friends, and we loved it.

Amy made us these family planners like the one she did for Pink Christmas! We were all thrilled, as we had been a little jealous of the one she made for Lara... Each one was made of different papers and embellishments, all too cute. I can't wait to put it to use.

The genius of Jenn strikes again! She made each of us a shadow box with a giant monogram letter, a quote, and various embellishments. I wish I had a picture of each one because they were all so different and so cute. You'll have to rely on Jill because she took photos of everything. By the way, I am totally going to copy this idea! Oh, and I can't forget the homemade caramels! How I do love caramels.

Collette gave us each a basket filled with things representing a love of books, a love of words, a love of writing, and a love of chocolate. It includes a page-a-day calendar about books (I can't wait to read it!), a thesaurus, a cool pen, m&ms, and a list she compiled of each of our favorite books we read outside of book club this year. How thoughtful was that?

And finally, this was the gift I made for my book club friends this year. I think it totally pales in comparison to the great things everyone else did, but it was the only idea I could come up with (and let's face it, it's totally copied from something I saw on Ali Edwards' blog!).

Many thanks to you all, my friends. I am so blessed to have you in my life.


jenn said...

it was such a great night, wasn't it! and it really bugs me that you don't know how talented you are! Your gift was not an Ali Edwards knock off! It was an amazing Michelle Olivier creation!! I LOVE the papers, the sentiments, my name in the corner... it is on my wall where I can see it all day long!

Diana said...

I love all the gifts, you did a great job on your gift. I can't wait for our January Bookclub it will be fun to exchange books. I got good mail today too,thanks to Robin. Yea for goodmail.

Jill said...

Those file folders are awesome, how nice of Lara to send those to you along with the metro tickets and her bath salts!

The cards from Stefanie are painfully cute. I love the scalloped edges and the colors.

I'm giddy about all of our book club gifts and just feel so lucky.

Jordan said...

The best book club I've ever heard of for sure!!! I mean, paris?! Come on! So great to meet and chat with you the other day. Here's to more meeting and chatting in the future.

melanie said...

Your gift to the book club girls is amazing! Was it really hard? I love it and wonder if it is above my skill level.

Love your planner too, you guys are so lucky to have one another!

rebecca said...

I, too, am envious of your book club. I hope that the small group endures and squabbles about books until you are sitting around the bridge table in some assisted living home's common room. "Turn down the tv, we're trying to discuss "Aging With Attitude" over hear!!!"

I am envious of your fantastic last name; I have had 3 in my life, all duds.

Jenny said...

I think ALL your gifts are unique and amazing. You guys have quite a bookclub. Enough to make us all envious.

mom said...

You have the coolest friends! Everything looks so cute and perfectly inspiring. How great to have a post Christmas party....WAY cute, very cute, so-0-0-0-0 cute, CUTE!

Crystalyn said...

what an incredibly fun night. how inspiring to be a group of such creative women. i love what you made. you are so talented. i just can't believe what you make. beautiful.

Amy said...

MIchelle, your gift in no way pales in comparison. Are you kidding me? I am so giddy about your gift, my sister and I have already started planning other projects to do that are similar. I love that Jenn put hers up on her wall. Maybe I'll put mine up in my craft room--it's been so inspiring! Of course this is not to denegrate anybody else's gifts. They were all amazing! What lucky girld we are!

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