Saturday, July 05, 2014

Pokemon store

Toward the end of our visit, it became harder and harder to lure Eva out of the apartment. I read about a Pokemon pop-up store and gallery, and figured it would be just the thing to do it. Success!

We saw this tile art of the Mona Lisa on our way. Usually we see space invaders or Pac Man figures. This one tickled me with its originality.
We passed by the Bourse (financial center). I realized that this is an area I rarely see.

I don't know why I was surprised, but we had to wait in line for about 25 minutes to get in. And it was raining.

I only convinced her to pose with the giant inflatable Pokemon by telling her that Rose and Jacob, her fellow Pokemon-obsessed friends, would appreciate it. She agreed to do it for Rose and Jacob.

I thought the store/gallery ended up being pretty stupid, since they were 100% sold out of all their merchandise and the gallery was tiny, but Eva didn't seem disappointed.

The gallery was in the basement, where you'd think it might be cooler. Instead, it was like a sauna. I lasted for about five minutes and then had to escape to the upstairs level where at least there was a fan.

There was a wall where visitors' Pokemon drawings were posted. As you can see, Pikachu was by far the most popular. Eva scoffed at that.

I found it interesting that there were far more adults than children visiting. Mostly young adults, but older ones, too. I guess you never outgrow your love of Pokemon.

Eva got to work doing her own non-Pikachu drawings. Lucas was thrilled.

But then Max and Lucas decided to color one to pass the time.

Her masterpieces: signed, dated, and left for the wall of fame.

On our way home, I took one of my favorite photos from our time in Paris, which made it all worth it for me. That and the fact that we all made it out of the apartment!

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Erin Peterson said...

I love that last photo!!! Beautiful and creative!

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