Friday, July 04, 2014


One day while the boys were off doing something else, I took Eva to the aquarium at Porte Dorée. I think it has changed since the last time we were there. Either that or I had forgotten, because it was kind of lame. Still, it was a mother/daughter date and Eva was happy, so I called it good. (Also, it only cost 7 euros for the two of us.)

I am still kind of mystified about how palm trees can flourish in Paris.

Alligator habitat. They have two baby albino alligators, but they were camera shy.

baby jellies!

Who knew that piranhas had gold glitter? Is that to make them look less threatening?

There was a room with incredible photography of sea life.

She smiled! For a picture!!

We were so hot on our walk back to the metro that we decided we needed a cold drink. Not a European cold drink (cool-ish), a truly cold drink. So we stopped in to McDonald's, where I knew we could get that Parisian rarity: ICE. Here, a comparison to show the largest drink size. Not that much bigger than a tiny juice box. It cost the equivalent of $3.78. Worth it that day.

That evening, I took Lisa to the tourist shops near Notre Dame so she could buy some more gifts.

Her deliberations were rather lengthy (i.e., closing out three shops in a row), so I wandered a bit to take photos.

Hôtel de Ville

A lovely ending to the day.

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