Monday, June 23, 2014

Musée d'Histoire Naturelle

Although we are now back home, I still have some Paris posts to catch up on. (I know I have over a year's worth of life to catch up on, but that is overwhelming, so...  I'm going with it.)

We returned to the Jardin des Plantes to visit the Grande Galerie de l'Evolution, otherwise known as the Natural History Museum.

I enjoy the design of the museum.

Something about this entrance was so pleasing to me. I love the window with the writing on it: "Mammals and Fish."

There are four floors of exhibit space, plus the basement. We skipped two of them entirely.

whale skeleton as seen through a porthole

Lucas and Max indulged Eva by coming along - I don't know that either of them really cared to revisit this museum (from past trips) - but they did seem to enjoy it.

The basement had a special exhibit called La Nuit (Night). It covered everything from space to nocturnal animals and the different ways they use their senses to sleep to... well, you'll see.

Eva reading about sleep

these "bogeymen" only show up when the lights dim

Evidently, no exhibit about Night would be complete without a display of items used to ward off vampires.

I didn't know there were so many!

Lucas taking the "Are You a Werewolf?" test. 

And finally, a place where you could see what your shadow would look like if you were a werewolf.

My werechildren.

All in all, a pretty fun day. Especially since there were no complaints to be had from Eva!

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Jill said...

Hooray for no complaints!

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