Sunday, May 18, 2014

WWII museum and Utah Beach

When we found out that Lucas's school wasn't teaching WWII, we were shocked. We are trying to fill in some of the gaps, and he was excited to visit the WWII sites.

We went to a WWII museum that was small, overly crowded, and the employees forgot about us so we didn't get to see the film. (Also, there was a tour guide there whose voice was seriously out of this world. She sounded like she was trying to talk like an animated child character. And she was armed with a mic.) Still, I thought it had some cool stuff:

sewing kit and other necessities given to soldiers
I love these messages written to the Navy.
a cartographer's knapsack
medical supplies
tiny models of the invasion of Normandy
This diver's suit was unbelievably large and heavy-looking. I cannot imagine having to wear it!

I love that the remains of the Allies' floating harbors are still there. It is incredible to see part of what was constructed to facilitate the D-Day invasion, and the fact that part of it remains makes it all so real.


Susan said...

I loved that too and hAve some great photos. It was very cool to see LUcas so involved.

Grandpa Petersen would have loved it.

I love the letter from the Navy soldier. So tender.

Francie said...

Thank you for posting your travels in France. I've never been there, but I really enjoy seeing the photographs.

patsy said...

What an amazing experience for you & for your kids-
It's shameful that kids are not learning about this crucial time in history.
Good for you for making this a priority & thank you for sharing

jenn said...

Very cool. I'm glad I could see your photos without the narration of that girl's voice- I think it might have done me in.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm soooooo glad to see your blog again. Agreed. So glad you are posting these things for us who haven't seen them.

I'm so glad you're teaching WWII.

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