Tuesday, May 20, 2014


We stayed our last night in Bayeux, where our hotel was delightful and we were pleased to have time to relax and explore.

the canal behind our hotel

Notre Dame de Bayeux

I've never seen a hazelnut tart like this!

We bought some nutella nougat to try. Thumbs up.

I took this picture for Denise!

It was May Day, which is a big deal in France. Everyone gives each other les muguets, or lily of the valley.

the rainy view from our hotel window

The next morning, we went to see the Bayeux tapestry (couldn't take photos). It's really embroidery, not tapestry, and if stretched vertically it would be as tall as the Eiffel tower! I wonder how many women worked on that?

(Google image of a small section of the tapestry)

We loved the teeny tiny models they had in the museum, complete with people, livestock, and even a smoking compost pile!


jenn said...

Sigh- how enchanting. Do people who live there know it's enchanting? Is it enchanting because I don't live there? I think I'd love living somewhere like this- slower pace, beautiful buildings, even the rain... Maybe not with kids.

jenn said...

I forgot to mention- I LOVE lily of the valley. So delicate and sweet. I wish we celebrated May Day here!

Jill said...

I love the red doors!

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