Sunday, August 05, 2012

Father's Day and Jessie's birthday

It was fun to be with my dad and grandpa on Father's Day, a rarity for sure. (Marc was bringing the kids home on the red-eye flight. Not a good Father's Day for him, but we had a do-over later.)

Most of the day was spent going through Grandpa's house, since he has moved to Texas to live with my Uncle Lee and Aunt Linda, but we did have a nice dinner together.

As with Charlotte's bouquet, we took Emily's to put on Grandma's grave. It was a lovely family outing.
The fathers in our group: Mark, Lee, Grandpa, Dad
I couldn't believe how many headstones have been added since the last time I visited the cemetery.
I just love this picture of Grandpa's hand on her headstone.
Later, we opened gifts. I can't remember what provoked this laughter, but I'm guessing it was Lee or Jessie.

The next day was Jessie's birthday. Again, much of the day was sorting and packing at Grandpa's house.

Jessie had a hankering for a fountain drink (Coke Zero), so Dad took us on a pilgrimage to find one. Anything for the birthday girl!
I made her favorite birthday cake: Grandma's chocolate cake with White Mountain frosting.
Actually, I made the cake, and Mom made the frosting, since I find it to be rather temperamental, and I wanted it to turn out just right!
Lee & Linda took us all out to Senor Burritos for dinner. It's a must-visit whenever we go to Denver.
Dad orders in Spanish, of course. 
Jessie with her former dog, Moosey. I think she regrets giving her to Denise in a pregnancy-induced inability to have a dog.
Denise said the cake was as good as Grandma's! So the combined efforts of me and my mom are as good as Grandma's. Maybe someday I'll do as well as she did all on my own.

The next day, we did some shopping and then I flew home (my first time flying into Provo!). I loved my visit to Denver, as usual. It's so fun to hang out with my family and to just be a daughter and niece and  sister and cousin for a few days. Jessie and I agreed that being roommates and hanging out just as sisters is a rare and wonderful treat.


Jill said...

Leaving the bouquets at your grandma's grave is such a sweet tradition.

I love it that it worked out that you got to be with your family for both Father's Day and Jessie's birthday, what a rare treat and memorable vacation!

Melinda said...

You can tell by these family posts you all truly love each other and love being together! That is such a blessing.

I would love to have a get away with my sister. I'm so glad youngotmto have this great treat!

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