Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our week at Waikoloa part II

I had been wanting to swim with a sea turtle, but hadn't been snorkeling by the waterfall where they like to hang out because Eva was afraid to go in that deep area. So one evening when we had the whole lagoon practically to ourselves, Max and Lucas stayed with her in the shallows so that Marc could show me where they were. I saw two of them and was so excited! I swam with them for a few minutes, but it was a little bit difficult because they are protected and you aren't supposed to touch them, and they were getting so close, it was hard not to!

The next morning, this one swam right up next to the shore. I quickly called Eva over, and we followed it for about 100 yards or so. It was amazing.
Mim with two of her great-grandchildren. I can't imagine knowing my great-grandmother!
Mim swimming with Genevieve. 
Eva playing in the sand with Genevieve, whose swim cap kills me with its cuteness.
Marc and Lisa, having a rare (mostly uninterrupted) chat.
A view from the boat canal.
The tiniest wedding chapel in the world! We saw a wedding in progress while we were there.
The kids enjoyed feeding bread to this swan, but we all agreed it was very sad to see its wings clipped.
The view right below our room.
I left Hawaii two days before everyone else so that I could go to Emily's wedding, and on my last day, I realized that I hadn't taken a boat ride (mahogany boats take you around the resort). I had just enough time to squeeze one in before leaving for the airport, and Marc and Max joined me.
African Crest Crane
Max documenting.

And this is what my hair looks like in Hawaii. Fabulous.
Another island sunset!
People are always sabotaging our self-portraits.

Incidentally, when I told Eva that I was leaving for the airport soon, she raised her fists in the air and shouted, "Yeah! Party!!" I was completely unsurprised by this blatant show of disregard.

On Friday, after I was gone, everyone went to this beach, which Michelle informed me was the greatest beach in the world. Rats, I missed it! Eva and I had both gotten pretty bad sunburns on Thursday, so Marc had to buy her the very expensive, but very cute, rashguard and shorts. I'm told there was boogie boarding and fun galore.

On Saturday, everyone had to check out at noon, but the flights weren't until 9:30 p.m., so I guess they spent most of the day playing games in the lobby. Marc was on his own with the kids on the red-eye flight home. Ouch. (He told me that a fellow traveler complimented Eva on being so well-behaved on the long flight. What that person didn't realize was that Marc was conversing with her the. entire. time.)
To sum up: the Hilton Waikoloa was amazing, by far the nicest resort we've ever seen. It was even more fun to be there with so many family members. I can't believe the things we have experienced this summer and hope my kids will always remember the memories we made. Definitely the trip of a lifetime!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Michelle, I have so enjoyed this trip of yours. I was thinking about it today as I emptied the dishwasher and what an incredible opportunity/experience for your family.

I love how Mim is so very involved in all of your family outings.

You are so right. That swim cap is the cutest thing.

It was fun to see your family picture as well as a couple picture of you and Marc.

You're a great family record keeper.

Jill said...

Bob and Mim are such fun, hands-on grandparents, that is such a gift for the whole family! Those pictures with Genevieve are precious.

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