Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Women's Conference part I

 Jill and Kristi picked me up on Wednesday night.

We went to JCW's, since it replaced Training Table (our usual spot). Still good.

Kristi always needs an "over-the-rim" shake. (Is that a Utah thing? I can no longer remember.)

We then headed to Collette's house. Collette was kind enough to host us in her very comfortable home, as well as two former mission companions. (Can you imagine having 5 houseguests and not being put out at all?)

She left us a note and mini Cadbury eggs on each of our beds. She knows us so well.

On Thursday morning, we decided to sleep in instead of rushing to the opening ceremony. It was luxurious! Our first class was one in which a friend of Collette's was a speaker, and it was wonderful.

post-class self-portrait

We were on a part of campus that we never go to, and it almost felt like being somewhere entirely new.

We then heard the new Relief Society general presidency speak.

Collette went home for a nap, Kristi had a rendezvous with her sister, and Jill and I went to hear Sister Dalton speak with her daughter. They spoke together, which is a format I don't really enjoy, but they did it as well as anyone could. They're adorable!

We were tired of sitting in the uncomfortable Marriott Center seats, so we went to the Museum of Art and had a lovely break, after which we returned for the concluding session.

It was a husband/wife duo that was scripted and painfully cheesy. Surprisingly, even though we were rolling our eyes, we managed to take notes and get some really good nuggets from their talk.

Jill taking notes.

Collette was waiting under the bridge to pick us up in her Jaguar! We've never had a shuttle service before.

Now that Jill's back on the sauce, we had many a refreshing drink together.

Collette and Travis have a duck nesting right next to their front porch! She sort of piled up some mulch and covered it with feathers. She has become accustomed to people walking by, and sits serenely on her eggs, even when we approached with our cameras. We kept checking on her and I think it is the coolest thing.

The view from Collette and Travis's backyard.

Jill, Kristi, and Collette went out to dinner and I had to go home for an Arts Gala at Eva's school (more to follow).

When I returned, we headed down to the awesome media room to relax, chat, eat treats, and watch a movie.

I had only seen this movie once and it was so long ago, I didn't remember a lot of it. A thoroughly enjoyable film to watch with a group of girls!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a fun review. I love your recap and your phrasing and what you found to report on (like the duck and Jill being back on the sauce).

I've missed your posts.

Jill said...

I didn't put the duck in my posts, sad.

Anne said...

I was driving back to SLC from American Fork yesterday after lunch with a friend and just HAD to stop at JCW's, thanks to multiple mentions on your and Jill's blogs. I just got a shake, which was good, but your burger and fries look amazing! Looks like I'll be making a return visit.

Oh, over the rim shakes are definitely a Utah thing. They are nowhere to be found back east, and I definitely have to get my fill when I'm visiting.

Melinda said...

Your weekends together always look so fun. I can't imagine having 5 house guests without being put out. That is awesome.

The duck is pretty cool. That would be fun to watch.

TX Girl said...

back on the sauce- you crack me up!

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