Thursday, May 10, 2012

Arts Gala

On the Thursday night of Women's Conference, Eva's school held their annual Arts Gala. The choirs and orchestra performed, and the children's artwork was displayed all around the school. (I had been dreading it because I didn't want to have to tear myself away from my girls' weekend, but it ended up being pretty cute.)

I worked with the junior choir all year as their accompanist. We met on Fridays before school. It was difficult getting Eva ready and out the door so we could be there at 8:00, but it was always fun once we got there.
Max and Lucas both had other engagements that night (Thursday nights are crazy for us), but Mim and Bob came with Marc and I to show their support.
This is Eva's poster. I also worked as an art volunteer this year, teaching art to Eva's class every Wednesday. It was really a lot of fun, and I enjoyed getting to know all of her classmates. The children selected their favorite art works from the year for their posters.
This was a collaborative effort by students in the upper grades. I love all of those colorful circles!
Each grade had a "masterwork" — a project inspired by a famous artist. For the first grade, our inspiration was the collage work of Lois Ehlert. One week, the children painted papers using layers of color and texture, and the next week they cut those papers to make a bird collage. The masterworks were collected and displayed as a group. (Eva's is the red bird on the lower left.)
Despite her slightly bored expression, she had a great time. I think she was exhausted because it was a long night!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Eva is still such a petite thing lined up with the girls.

My, my, you gave a lot of service to her classroom. What a great thing. I'm glad your school still encourages parent involvement. That is great you gave so much.

patsy said...

What an GREAT thing for a school to do! I am so impressed with this- I love how every child is spot lighted with their art work.

Good for you for volunteering for such big project- I've done the art job before & it is fun but work.

Eva is looking grown up here!

Jill said...

Eva's cape is so cute!!!

This sounds like a fun event. I think it would be cool to see groupings of all the kids' artwork like that, it's so telling and pure when they're young.

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