Wednesday, May 16, 2012

12 on the 12th | May

1. Eva's breakfast. She loves it when I fill up the compartments on these lunchroom-style trays. Sometimes it's a challenge, but it usually means that she eats more, so it's worth it.
2. Eva working on one of her creative projects. I think in this case it was worksheets for playing school. Marc is in Paris, Max was in Salt Lake at a rehearsal for most of the day, and Lucas was at Lagoon, so it was an Eva & Mom kind of day. (Not sure what this outfit was about.)
3. We went to Petco to watch the hamster races. Only 4 contestants showed up, and one had never been in a hamster ball before. One kept rolling away from the finish. It was hilarious.
4. It was also a pet adoption day, so there were many cats and dogs in kennels, most of them whining to get out. It was a sad sight, and Eva said more than once, "It's too bad we already have a dog!" We saw one really cute pup get adopted, so she was greatly relieved about that one.
5. We went shopping at Target so that Eva could spend her birthday money from grandparents. She chose a 2-wheel scooter (because the one she had before with 3 wheels is "so babyish"), and an Our Generation doll (American Girl knock-off) and 2 additional outfits. I was really surprised, because she has never really played with dolls, but Sandie is getting a lot of attention, as well as her own bed and her own school and Primary lessons.
6. On the way home, we went to a drive-through pharmacy to pick up a refill on my antidepressant meds. Eva was most curious about why I was getting medicine when I wasn't sick. I tried to explain to her why I take this particular drug. I had never had to explain that to a young child before, nor even thought about doing so, and it was a bit of a challenge.
7. Flowers in our yard with just the right light.
8. Assembling the scooter.
9. Max was home for an hour, then changed and went to a formal dance with a friend at the Springville Art Museum!
10. Preparing my sharing time for Primary.
11. We finished Harry Potter #2.
12. Lucas came home very late from Lagoon. He shocked us all by going on all the rides! (He had never been on any rides before, unless you count Disneyland Paris when he was 2 1/2. I don't, because I had to get off the Haunted House ride with him because he was freaking out so much.) This is his new hipster look. He hates it when I call it that. He has a black pair of glasses, and an orange pair and a green pair that he painted, it's kind of his new signature look.


Jill said...

It's crazy that the boys are so busy now you hardly see them! Wow, Eva must have had a lot of birthday cash to score such loot!

Pet stores make me sad, I can't take the whining from the animals it's hard breaking.

Jill said...

Remember when people used to comment? I shouldn't complain because I don't comment on most blogs very often, but still.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Michelle, I always look forward to your 12 on 12 posts. I love the minutiae in your life (I love your big events, too).

Lucas painting his glasses is a great idea -- it's like appropriate fingernails for boys!

Jill's comment about comment-ers made me smile. The blog world certainly has changed since those days where we all were just getting to know each other and posting our 100 lists, hasn't it. I want you to know how much I have appreciated your comments through the years. You are faithful at it and I love the comments you leave. I always look forward to them in my box. Thank you.

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