Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday thoughts

Today was our fast & testimony meeting, and it was a really good one.

One thing that made it great was that the youth went to the temple yesterday morning. Both of my boys went. They had to get up around 4:00 a.m. on the last sleeping-in day of Spring break, and they did it without complaint.

Several of the youth bore their testimonies about the temple today, and Max was one of them. Hearing my child bear his testimony was a parenting payday for me. He spoke about the peace that prevails in the temple, and how nice it was to be bathed in peace for an extended period of time.

He related something that he learned in seminary once, that peace is the only emotion that the devil doesn't have a counterfeit for. I love that.

Max was also set apart as the first assistant in the priest's quorum today and was told that the Lord is pleased with his devotion and that he has been blessed with a strong testimony (music to my ears!). He was promised that as he serves in this calling, his testimony will be strengthened further.

After church, Lucas went to collect fast offerings and Max went to administer the sacrament to 4 homebound members of our ward.

Seeing my boys perform their priesthood duties gives me such joy. Peace is definitely what I am feeling today.


Tasha said...

Those are definately Parenting Pay Days! You should feel really proud!

Jill said...

What an excellent Sunday for you!!

Marie said...

I don't think anything feels as good as pride in your children. Way to go mama!

patsy said...

Simply the best.

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