Thursday, January 12, 2012

nice and not-so-nice

Yesterday I was out grocery shopping. I turned right when there was a little gap in traffic, and although it didn't put anyone in danger, apparently the man in the minivan behind me was mad. Really mad.

He laid on his horn for a long time. Three times. Okay, I waved to him. I get it. You're mad.

I pulled onto the shoulder of the road to turn into the parking lot of the grocery store. He sped up in front of me and then cut me off, and this time it was dangerous. I slammed on my brakes, and now I was getting mad.

I found a parking space and just sat there for a minute, fuming. Meanwhile, crazy road rage guy circled the parking lot and stopped behind my van, so he could scream obscenities at me. I just sat there, waiting it out.

Finally, he left and I went in to do my shopping, but my heart was racing the way it does when you have a near-accident. It was a really not-so-nice way to start my day.

However, there was a woman who witnessed the whole thing from her car. She waited for him to leave, and waited for me to leave my car so that she could apologize on his behalf. She said she had no idea why he was such a jerk, and said she hoped I would have a nice day anyway. Nice.

Now, I have a cold. Not so nice. But I do have an excuse to sit and drink tea and watch tv and read. Nice.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh dang. I'm sad for you when the not-so-nice happens.

patsy said...

What in the world?!
that guy is c-r-a-z-y.
Mean people are the WORST--- but his bad carma will come back & slap him in the face. It will.

I am impressed that someone was so kind to say something afterward.

Sorry about the cold- it sure is going around!

rest-read- tea- yes very nice

Jill said...

He sounds like a crazy person! This incident would have shook me too, but hopefully you can chalk it up to his issue and not yours!

What is up with getting a cold?! No more sickness woman!

Someone In Mind said...

My heart is broken over this! BROKEN!!!

It can sure ruin a day when things like this happen.

We love you! And I promise if I ever honk at you it will be the kind that follows with waves, smooches and whistles!

TX Girl said...

Dude needs to take some anger management lessons. Clearly he wasn't in a hurry because he had enough time to stalk you, so you have to assume he has some other issues that he decided to take out on you. Hopefully his rage on the next person doesn't escalate.

Glad you are safe.

Liz said...

Oh wow! That kind of behavior is so ridiculous! He probably ruined is own day as well.

Tasha said...

Thank heaven for tea and random acts of kindness like that woman in a world where there are crazy road rage guys, right? I hope this cold doesn't last long and you get feeling better soon.

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