Saturday, January 14, 2012

12 on the 12th | January

1. I brewed a pot of tea for Max and I to enjoy before he left for school. (We brought up the Mrs. Tea that had been relegated to the garage when we got fancy teas from Teavana.)
2. Working on a little scripture study with the tools that Jill gave me for Christmas!
3. It seemed noteworthy that I had to write a check. I never write checks anymore, and it has been many years since I ordered any!
4. I was pleased that, even though I was feeling sick, I mustered the energy to package up some Amazon returns and other mail, and sent it off!
5. Max, doing tons and tons of homework, as usual.
6. I spent much of my day reading our book club book for next week.
7. I had my usual Thursday afternoon piano lessons.
8. Eva has dance on Thursday evenings. I just love seeing her in her dance clothes and ballet shoes.
9. I wasn't up to making dinner, so I got Little Caesar's on the way home from dance.
10. Checking to see if I had any moves to make on Words With Friends (always disappointing when I don't.)
11. Lucas had his first dance class! He seems to surprise me at every turn. I've never seen sporty jazz shoes like these, I thought they were all like the old Capezio leather ones.
12. Max thought he'd quickly register to take the ACT before we watched Modern Family. Little did we know it would take half an hour or more! It's hard to believe I have a junior who is taking the college entrance exams...


Jill said...

I haven't started using my scripture journal yet, but I'm excited to do it!

It makes me happy to know you got pizza! I don't know how your have the stamina to make a nice dinner every night.

Lucas looks more like Max than I have ever seen before! What is this Jazz class? Is it through school?

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I agree with Jill, I had to look twice to see if Lucas was Lucas or Max. Which very much surprised me because Lucas is Sneelock's twin, not Max's twin.

I really enjoy seeing these very personal glimpses. Thank you for sharing them.

Melinda said...

I wish I lived closer to you so my kids could take piano lessons from you. I can't seem to find a teacher around here. Even though we have a ton of people who can play very well, no one wants to teach!

patsy said...

Great post- I too love seeing a glimpse into your life.

I have never had a tea I liked. It all taste like warm dirty water to me.
I rarely write checks too- crazy how the world is changing so much.
I'm glad you are feeling well enough to get a package off. It's a hard job in this COLD. EVen though there is little snow- it's still so cold these days.
Book Club-- ah, I miss my old book club. I just don't think I could fit it in!
Piano lessons- you are so patient, I'm sure you are a wonderful teacher.
dance clothes!! LOVE THEM- if only I could wear them & be as cute as EVA!? Ha
Little Ceasars has changed my life. There is one in my town- it's only been here less than a year & it is a frequent tempation/lifesaver.
I LOVE words with friends!!!!
Max is in dance class- all these boys dancing? I think its awesome!
I remember signing megan up for the ACT for the first time... just hours before the cut off time!!! we were sweating it- who knew it was such a ridiculous process!?? it feels like you are signing up for the rest of your life or something?

I am always happy when you have posted

lelly said...

i would love to give you turns in WWF. my username is lelly28461

{natalie} said...

what is this mrs. tea thing? i need to look into that. i just bought some tea at teavana yesterday. pricey!

i love your day. and i think tonight might call for pizza because i'd rather make cookies than make dinner.

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