Monday, December 05, 2011

a year and a half in the making

Max got his braces off today!

tired, early morning "before" shot

happy "after" shot

He came home from the orthodontist's office with a bag full of previously off-limits treats.

And he requested caramel corn several months in advance. (Sadly, I put too much salt on the popcorn and pretty much ruined the batch. We'll have to have a redo on the celebratory caramel corn!)


Jill said...

That's so exciting!!!

Natasha said...

Griffin wanted gum and Laffy Taffy pronto as soon as he got his braces off.

patsy said...


I had braces for a year & 1/2 too... it was hard!


Melinda said...

That is a big deal!

Blake was super excited when the ortho told him he didn't have to get braces, so was I because now I don't have to pay for them! said...

GOOD GRIEF! Where does time go?

Max looks handsome and pleased!

I'm afraid I am doubtful about too much salt on caramel popcorn...with the salted caramel craze, it seems perfectly delightful.

I've been craving home popped popcorn of late, and especially caramel corn...but my WW points prohibits. Have some for me!

Take a wee breather until Lucas has his turn...

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