Tuesday, October 18, 2011

girls' getaway, part II

We played cards one night during our Escalante getaway. We started off with Speed, and Melinda kicked our butts, big time. Amie had never played it before, so her pride didn't suffer, but Jill and I have been fans of the game for years.

At one point, Jill said:

"We're all eldest children. We're not accustomed to losing. We're not fond of it." (or something like that)

It was hilarious.

After we felt we had taken a sufficient beating, we switched to what I have heard called Golf, but I usually call "The Skip-Bo Game" (because Melinda had never played it, ha!).

Then it came up that Melinda has Jason Mraz's song Lucky as her husband's ringtone. Jill and I shook our heads in disbelief, but Melinda honestly could not fathom why we would have a hard time with her unbelievably sweet feelings toward her husband. sigh.

One day we had pizza for lunch in the local gas station. It was good! Just one of many firsts on this trip.

Amie's daughter Jessica was up on the bulletin board for hunting and fishing successes! (Lower right corner with the orange vest.) Apparently she loves hunting. Huh. That is all so far outside my own experience.

Amie took us to the Hole-in-the-Rock memorial.

(Incidentally, covered wagons are far narrower than I pictured! I was thinking they would be about as wide as a twin bed, but no.)

The memorial has placards explaining the story, and two large paintings depicting the event. Remember when they talked about this in Conference? I was stunned by the description, and even more so when I saw the paintings. Those pioneers had such amazing faith.

As we were driving along, we would sometimes ask Amie to stop so we could take pictures. I love that Jill and I share this passion, and I think it goes without saying that I love to take pictures of her taking pictures.

I think this is sagebrush in bloom, but I could totally be wrong.

just a lovely scene
I love these old little barns and outbuildings.

Those arrows pointing to major cities in the world gave me a chuckle.

Amie brought us all Sudoku books, Reese's bars, socks, pencils and gum. I did one Sudoku puzzle, the first I've tried since Max and I did some on a plane ride about 5 years ago, and I was distressed that it was hard for me, even though it was marked "easy." Am I not smart enough for Sudoku?! (I'm happy to report that I did two more puzzles while waiting for Lucas at the dentist's office. Shakaka!)

The giant vat of gel in the background is Amie's—she kindly let me use it every time I fixed my hair so I could see how I like it. She is one curly girl who seems to have come to terms with her hair, and she has all her tricks down. Impressive.

One afternoon, Melinda and I watched Persuasion, the most recent BBC version with Rupert Penry-Jones. Mega sigh. I had planned to work on my button E project, but I was so wrapped up in the movie, I didn't get anything done.

I hadn't seen it before, and it seriously hurt my heart. Even though I know things always work out in the end with Jane Austen (of course I couldn't remember the story line), it was still positively painful. And oh so wonderful in the end. I'm telling you, I will watch anything with him in it! (Fell in love with him in MI-5, another great BBC show.)

Jill and Amie were working on projects in a table in the room, laughing at me all the while.

On our way home, Amie took us to Devil's Garden (I hope I'm remembering that right). It was only 13 miles out of our way, but they were the longest, bumpiest 13 miles of my life. We don't have cars equipped for that kind of driving!

It was so cool. Jill and I were speculating on what could have possibly caused those interesting rock formations, isolated in the midst of normal desertscape. Jill thought it must have been under water at some point. Amie and Melinda found a placard and told us that that was indeed the case! (Maybe she missed her calling as a geologist?)

Obviously I didn't have my rock-climbing shoes on. (Not that I have any.)

Devil's Garden self-portrait.

It was a fabulous day—no snow, thankfully!

Love. I am such a fan of these red rocks. I really want to go to Bryce Canyon, Arches, and back to Zion National Park. Even though I'm not much of a climber, it's a photographer's paradise!

Check out that reflection!

Amie indulged us by pulling off at many a scenic turn-out on the way home.

How cute is this tiniest post office in Boulder, UT?

Amie showed us where her husband and kids were camping and hunting on the mountain. It was totally snowy, and apparently they love it that way, it makes for good hunting. Just one of the many reasons I don't camp/hunt.

Apparently there are 1,000 lakes on Boulder Mountain!

There was one narrow pass we went over that forced me to close my eyes in order to avoid panicking. A tiny road with steep drop-offs on either side—and no guardrails, even! I thought Amie was very composed to be able to drive that stretch. I'm pretty sure I could not handle it.

landscape shot through the window of the moving car

To sum up: Escalante is terribly picturesque; we stayed in a very nice, comfortable home; we talked and laughed a lot; we explored; we relaxed; we read; we ate out; we had no responsibilities. It was wonderful.

And then I came home to a sick family and a house that looked like a bomb had gone off in it. I was ready to turn around and go back. I hate it when I feel like I need a vacation after my vacation.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a great recap.

I think my favorite photo (and you had lots of great ones) is that last one. My goodness, what a pretty land.

patsy said...

This is a GREAt post- so very fun to read & SEE- fabulous photos!

I am NOt a rock climber or hunter myself...
I am wishing so badly for a girls trip. I could really use it- Women's conference is just too far away.
Sorry you came home to not so great conditions. That is where I would have freaked out- nothing is worse. I hope everyone is better??

Anne said...

These photos are gorgeous!

Kim Sue said...

Wow! How beautiful. and how much girl fun! love the picture of Melinda in the background laughing.

Denise said...

Ohh--the exploded bomb in the house syndrome. Why is it that mothers are the only ones who can pick up, clean up, do laundry, etc.? I mean really, doesn't anyone else notice or care?!

Your pictures, though? TOTALLY worth it. What a fun time!

Melinda said...

I really didn't mean to beat you guys so badly. I felt a little bad about it until you all mentioned the first child syndrome and since I'm the 4th in my family it was kind of fun beating the older siblings.

Seriously, please, please cut me out of that last picture with Jill. I have what 20 chins. So depressing.

Tasha said...

Isn't Boulder Ut the most amazing place. Did you eat at the Devil's Back Bone Grill? You know, I know a place with a LOT of beautiful Red Rocks. St. George! We have Snow Canyon, which doesn't require hiking shoes, per se, just sneakers, and then there's Zion, practically in my back yard, and I am getting my guest rooms ready for Thanksgiving, and I do LOVE visitors. Ya'll should take a girls road trip, or a family road trip down here! I'd LOVE IT!!!

Charlotte said...

How fun! I love getaway trips like this. And believe it or not, I actually have climbing shoes that would be appropriate for those rocks! Crazy. I hardly know myself.

This past weekend we went to Sisters, OR, and it was also terribly picturesque. Josh is currently stretching out the remainder of his weekend as long as possible before a 7 a.m. conference call tomorrow. Heavens.

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