Saturday, October 15, 2011

12 on the 12th | October

1. Eva playing games on before getting ready for school.
2. I got to pull off the tape from the first section of cupboards. Such a satisfying moment. (So very much more to go on that project.)
3. I decided to cook myself something good for breakfast (scrambled eggs with mushrooms, green onions, and fresh parmesan).
4. A picture at Eva's school that is made of the students' school pictures.
5. Eva's "All About Me" report hanging in the school hallway.
6. It was my first day of teaching art to Eva's class and this is the darling book I read to the kids. I highly recommend it.
7. Some of the kids working on their project (making a picture with only dots).
8. Eva sitting at her desk. She was positively preening to have me there (these are the days that end all too soon).
9. I love these fall sunsets where the mountains are pink.
10. I snapped this picture while Max was driving us to mutual.
11. I tried a new recipe to take to mutual (peanut butter pretzel bars). It didn't work out very well—way too crumbly—but it still tasted good.
12. One of our Laurels showed us a slide show of her trip to Europe.


Jill said...

This was Eva's very special 12 on the 12th themed grid eh? I think it's so cool that you got to teach her art class.

Kim Sue said...

The Dot is one of our favorites too!

patsy said...

I Love that you teach art for Eva's class. I used to do that!! It is so fun & the kids always LOVE it. sigh- next year I will have exactly 0 kids in elementary school.

gotta say-- this 12 on 12 is really awesome

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