Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a few major things

Eva lost her first tooth!

She was annoyed by the fact that it hadn't fallen out yet. It was causing her grief when she ate or brushed her teeth. So one night, I just took a tissue like my grandma used to, put it over the tooth, and yanked. It was very loose, and it came right out. She was thrilled.

I got out of bed at midnight when I realized that I had forgotten to perform my tooth fairy duties. She was happy about the money, but disappointed that the tooth fairy took her tooth away. At school the next day, the class dentist (they all have different rotating jobs in their "town") asked if anyone had lost a tooth and she was so happy to report her big event.

Lucas got a haircut!

Not his usual trim where he negotiates about how little he can get cut off, but an actual haircut. Miss Kate, the school drama director, told him he was going to have to have a new 'do for Grease. I was shocked that he opted to comply 6 weeks in advance. Thank you, Miss Kate, thank you!

Now I am trying to give him positive feedback without making a big deal out of it (so that he will want to grow it out long again just to rebel against me). I think he looks so much like my brother when he was about the same age.

Max got his driver's license!

It was shockingly easy. We went in with a pile of documentation and they never even looked at it! He didn't have to get his picture taken because he is using the one from his permit. He didn't have to take a written or a driving test because he has a certificate that he passed them in Driver's Ed. (which they didn't even look at). They just checked his vision, I paid the fee, he received a brief lecture on being responsible and staying in good with his mother (since I paid for it, I own it until he is 18) and that was it! No waiting, even. It was certainly a different experience from when I got my license—I had to take the written and the driving test and failed the driving test the first time because when I parallel parked, I wasn't close enough to the curb. Huh.

Also, he went on his first date about a week ago! He is so shy, I wondered if it might take him years to embark on this particular milestone. He planned the whole thing, arranged a group date, and had a great time. I could not be more shocked (and happy for him).

We went to our elementary school's Fall Festival on Friday. I didn't take my camera because it was stormy. Eva was disappointed that, due to inclement weather, the ponies weren't there. She was determined to ride one this year. They did, however, have a petting zoo that she thoroughly enjoyed: a 500-lb. pig, a pot-bellied pig, a llama, a cow, a baby goat, a chicken, and a rabbit on a leash. She also went on a golf cart ride, did the duck pond and fish pond games, took a couple of turns in the bounce house (a huge hit), played bean bag toss and ring toss, tried the cake walk and the soda pop walk, and ate cotton candy. It's an enormously anticipated event.

She won this in the soda pop walk.

Marc started repainting our main living area!

He spent all weekend prepping and painting one wall, and putting everything back into place. Now I'm not sure I love the color we selected. It doesn't look like the sample to me. It's cooler and just not what I pictured. Marc is so frustrated he can barely talk about it. I can't blame him a bit. And I'm pretty sure we will never paint again without getting a test quart.

I'm living with it for a couple of days before we decide how to proceed...


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Ouch. That hurts. The pretending you're not related bit. Sorry you went through that. Maybe a lesson on family loyalty by Max in the future?

On the flipside, Lucas' haircut looks GREAT. He looks so mature. Sneelock for sure now.

Hooray for lost teeth. Cali wrote me a note once that told the toothfairy that she didn't want the money if it meant she'd take her tooth, too. Hmmm. I know where the note is, I just wondered for the first time where Cali put the tooth. I think I don't want to think about it.

I hate disappointing wall colors. One time I thought I was getting sage and I got mint. It was too bright, too sweet. I lived with it a year too long and then went over the top of it. Picking colors is tricky business. I do not like to paint so that makes it even trickier.

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Those little sample cans at Lowe's were the best $9 I spent when we painted our living room. I kept going back and ended up with 4 different colors that I patchworked onto different walls and then we lived with that patchwork for nearly a month until we (well, I because my husband is color blind and wanted the hideous yellow color) decided on the one we wanted.

Now my bathroom is patchworked with three different colors and I finally decided I don't like any of them. So, we start over!

patsy said...

oh no!
I hate the not cool to acknowledge mom stage... bummer

YES- the haircut is great. I have no problem with boys & long hair though. It's such a temporary/fixable way to be rowdie.

Driver's liscence & a date!!!! THIS IS HUGE! Good for you max!

Your elementary school carnival sounds like a blast- I'm always impressed with how much work goes into those things.

oh paint... oh the painful process. I feel for you both. It's so miserable but so great when it's done.

Jill said...

Oh my goodness, these are all major events going on and I hate it that I'm hearing about them via the blog and not from real-life conversations!!!!!

I am ecstatic that Lucas cut his hair!!! It's been a rough couple of years. Ha. Perhaps you can get in cahoots with Miss Kate for any other parenting influences you'd like Lucas to implement. Does she have any say in his responsibility/study habits?

Wow, to Max getting his Driver's License. Does this mean we can send him to pick up food at Cafe Rio for us? Woohoo!

Hooray for Eva's 1st tooth coming out! That seems like a long time coming.

Oh dear, the paint situation sounds maddening. I fear it won't feel like your house to me anymore.

Denise said...

I love Jill's idea about getting Miss Kate on board to help with other parenting woes. Every mom needs a Miss Kate!

The kids are all looking way too grown up. . . .

Michelle said...

In spite of Lucas' "diss," (I'm so cool) the haircut does look amazing. He looks a lot older!

Liz said...

Love the new haircut!

I kind of like the color of your wall, but maybe it is just how it shows up on the screen to me. It looks warm to me. I think I bought 6-8 sample pots of paint before I decided on the color for our family room. I am always so afraid I won't like it. I hope the color starts to grow on you!

Susan@besusan.com said...

I love Patsy's "rowdy" comment the most! I couldn't agree more,but sometimes it's hard for mothers to get through haircuts they don't agree with! Remember Ryan's horrid "dos"...

Lucas does look so grown up and so stylish!

Max is a fine young man who will be responsible with his driving, good work!

The tooth fairy always takes the tooth! Eva looks so cute in that photo...the freckles and all!

Quite a few momentous events, to be sure. I hope the paint is growing on you. I know from experience that it's a pretty cool color! Now try Warm Stone on the doors and you'll love the contrast! I mean it.

emily said...

So much has happened! I love Lucas' hair cut and that Max went on a date! I can't believe how easy it was to get Max's license. It's such a fiasco here, and if your paperwork isn't exactly what they're looking for, you're toast.

And I'm sorry about the paint color disappointment. That's so frustrating!

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