Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Creative Friday

Monday was a minimal day, which means that everyone gets out of school extra-early, which means that Jill and Landon came over for Creative Friday! I never cared much for minimal days in the past, but now they're my new favorite days.

Lucas and Landon were excited to get together as well.

All I can say is that there's nothing like a photo to give you a reality check. Wow.

I had planned to work on putting some fabric in embroidery hoops for Eva's room, but ended up spending most of my time printing out worksheets for Conference this weekend.

Max took himself to his cello lesson (hallelujah!) and then joined us at the table to do homework. He signed himself up for 5 AP classes this semester, so the poor guy is almost always doing homework.

Eva joined us temporarily so she could draw a surprise for the end of the treasure hunt she made for Ava.

Jill working on her correspondence.

I can't remember what made Jill start laughing, but I thought it was adorable.

I put together these little handouts for my Beehives. (Apparently I neglected to mention that I was moved from YW secretary to 2nd counselor! oops.) It's just a token to help get them excited for Conference weekend! (Again, I love Pinterest.)

Also, I transferred a giant E to this pink fabric I bought last week. I'm going to sew vintage cream-colored buttons all over it and hang it on Eva's wall. Squeee!

Hooray for reconnecting. Hooray for Creative Friday (on Monday)!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh boy, I can hardly wait to see all of your young women ideas. I love the button E. Please show it when it's done. Pleeeease.

Jill said...

It's fun to see your Creative Fridays posts even though I was there!

Erin said...

What the???

Really? You make me feel like a slacker...ALL-AROUND.

You are awesome.

Liz said...

Love what you did for your Beehives. I think they will love it too!

What a cute idea for Eva's room! Can't wait to see your finished results!

Tasha said...

I can't wait to see what your E looks like when its done!

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