Tuesday, September 06, 2011

an adjustment period

It would appear that the start of first grade is quite an adjustment period.

I suppose it would have been for Max and Lucas as well, but I just don't remember. Maybe because I had another little one at home to distract me at the time.

She couldn't wait for kindergarten to be over so she could move on to first grade. She couldn't wait to get a lunch box so she could take her lunch to school and stay all day. I was similarly excited.

But now that it's here, there have been quite a few mornings where she hasn't wanted to go to school.

Maybe she needs more sleep – maybe she's just a little tired and cranky. Maybe her little cold is getting her down. Maybe she misses having lots of time at home (I could certainly understand that).

Maybe that big backpack weighs more heavily on her shoulders than I thought.

Even more surprising to me than her school reluctance is the way I miss her when she's gone. (Not enough to keep her home, mind you!) Especially when she goes to play with a friend after school, then I feel as though I've hardly seen her all day, and it is such a stark contrast to having my little buddy around all the time.

But then she starts whining about not wanting to clean her room or practice piano and I remember what it's like having a constant buddy all the time.

I tell you, motherhood is perpetually perplexing.


lelly said...

Yes, yes it IS perplexing :)

I couldn't be more excited about Lucas in Grease, by the way!

Jill said...

Perplexing indeed!

Is there anyway to make bedtime earlier?

Erin said...

Motherhood IS perpetually perplexing.

Perfectly stated.

Susan@besusan.com said...

Perplexing lst graders turn into even more perplexing adolescents!

Just say'in.

Denise said...

Truer words have never been spoken.

Charlotte said...

Motherhood sure does seem a perplexing gig. I hope Eva finds her groove soon!

Melinda said...

All of my kids are going through this right now. They need more sleep even though they are in bed right at 8, they are trying to make up for so many late nights before school started and I have decided my kids like to be home and not be super busy with activities. Blake quite football because of it.

patsy said...

I'm the one having a difficult time adjusting... adjusting to the difficulties trent is having... it could always be worse? Still- he is my baby.
This life sure isn't for whimps, is it?

It seems like every year at least one first grader (usually more) fall asleep at their desk! Can't blame them

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